Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What is VLOGMAS??

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Have you heard of Vlogmas?

It's a BIG thing in the YouTube community (a community I am very passionate about).

Basically it's a challenge for all YouTube Creators to film a vlog (video blog) each day of December until Christmas. We literally just film parts of our normal, everyday life and try to add a little something Christmassy in while we're doing it.

So if you love YouTube and you love Christmas - you might love Vlogmas too!

If you'd like to peek behind the scenes of Beautifully Organised and follow me & my family around each day until December 25, just click below to watch Day 1, then head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe to watch each video as they upload daily!

I'll also be mentioning some of my favourite Vlogmas vloggers - the ones I'll be watching each day - in case you'd like to see more than just me ;)

And for those of you who love the How To videos and not so much the daily vlogs - don't worry, they'll still be uploaded each week! Some will have a Christmas theme and will have the 'Vlogmas' title, but they'll still be handy How To's and I hope you love them!

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P.S. Don't forget if you want an easier Christmas this year, it's time to get planning with the Beautifully Organised Christmas Planner - you'll love how organised you'll be with it this year.

  • I made the pic above using a paid, licensed picture. Please don't steal it - Santa's watching ;)
  • This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links. I get the big bucks from selling the Christmas planner and am planning on spending it on Candy Canes :)

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