Monday, January 19, 2015

Am I a Supermum (Hint: the answer is no. Watch to find out why)?

Want to know a bit more about me? 

The normal person, real life, not-sure-you'll-like-what-you-hear-but-hopefully-that's-ok-cause-we're-all-human stuff?

On this video I'm answering all of the questions below! I bet you already know the answer to a few of them but a couple may surprise you ;)

1.) How many kids do you have/what age(s)?

2.) Do you feel like you have it "all together" everyday? cleaning/laundry/beauty/etc.

3.) When do you make time to shower? day/night?

4.) Do you wear makeup everyday?

5.) Do you style your hair everyday? or pony tail it?

6.) When do you find time to do your hair and makeup? when the kids are awake/asleep?

7.) Do you workout? when?

8.) What is your household cleaning routine? do you clean everyday?

9.) Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities as a mom?

10.) How often do you have alone/"me" time? and how do you relax?

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