Tuesday, January 6, 2015

You know that phrase "It takes a village?"

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If you follow Beautifully Organised on Facebook you may have seen this post late last year:

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When I talk about creating a village here at Beautifully Organised, I mean having a space to belong that provides ideas, support, comfort and friendship. I want to build a community that's all about connecting and sharing.

It shouldn't just be me sharing organising and life tips - so many of you have fantastic ideas as well and I would love everyone to see them!

So this year along with my regular videos, I'll be asking you guys to share your ideas on everything relating to home, motherhood and life! I'll also be featuring some of my favourite Mum bloggers and entrepreneurs - awesome women who have great ideas to share.

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Just a few of the women who inspire me!

So stay tuned! Make sure you to join me on the facebook page, and sign up for the regular emails if you haven't already so you don't miss any of it :)

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