Beautifully Organised: Holiday decor storage, organising and motivation ideas!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Holiday decor storage, organising and motivation ideas!

This week Annabelle wrote in with a question!

“My Christmas tree is still up and it’s past Easter! Taking it down and putting it all away is a big job and really overwhelming - can you please share some tips on how to organise the decorations and get motivated to put it all away?”

First things first: Know you are not alone! I have 3 loved ones that are in the same situation most years. 

Don’t feel guilty or bad about it either! We are all busy and have LOTS to do and most offs are also juggling it all around family, kids, loved ones, work commitments, social commitments, etc. 

Now onto some ideas that should help:

* Storage Ideas *

* Simplify *

Decorations: Only one theme of ornaments - give away extras, every year lots of people need these decorations and can’t afford them so giving away the ones you haven’t used for a while means you help them AND you simplify your own decoration because you have less to wade through and organise.

You need less than you think! One or two strands of lights, 12 simple hanging ornament, some tinsel - you can even pop the tree in a corner of your room and only decorate the front.

Tree: If your tree takes a long time to put up and take down, you won’t be motivated to do it. Sell or giveaway that tree and have a simpler one instead - one that comes as a whole tree (even if it’s smaller, it’s still beautiful), or one that comes in 2 or 3 ready made sections is much easier than a tree that has individual branches to put together and take apart every year. 

Can’t bear to change your tree? Then simplify the packing - wrap it all in cling wrap or put a big garbage bag over it all (lights and decorations included) and store it that way in a big cupboard or in your garage on it's own shelf!

* Motivate *

Think about how you can make putting it up and taking it down more enjoyable.

Music, soft cosy lighting, a cup of tea, a glass of wine, some good quality chocolate - comfy clothes and slippers..

If it feels like chaos trying to do it with the family, schedule it for when you have an hour or two alone. It could be while they’re at school, a playdate, or ask your partner or a family member to take the kids out for an hour or two so you can do the job by yourself and make it enjoyable with the ideas listed above.

Can’t get alone time? Break the job into smaller steps and do them after the kids go to bed over a few evenings:
  • Evening one - remove and put away decorations
  • Evening two - remove and put away lights
  • Evening three - Take the tree down (or cover it up) and put it away

Small steps! And give yourself a little reward every evening when that job is done.

I hope that helps! 

x Marissa

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