Beautifully Organised: Declutter with me: My Tupperware cupboard!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Declutter with me: My Tupperware cupboard!

Here's a simple way to store your Tupperware containers and lids - no need for fancy storage!
My container cupboard desperately needed a good clean out and declutter this week so I filmed the steps for you:

1. Empty everything out

2. Clean surfaces

3. Sort containers: I sorted into 3 groups (circle containers, square and rectangle ones) and put lids on as I went, so I could tell how many had bottoms and lids that went together. Once I had them matched, any odd ones went into a bag in the spare cupboard (so I could add their matching parts as I found them later) and the sets were ready to pack away!

4. Put away: I store my containers in stacks, with lids removed, so they don't get musty.

Hope that helps! 

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