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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Product review: Battle of the drink bottles

* I'm an ambassador for Smash Enterprises
I’m a BIG believer in reusable products and we haven’t bought a disposable bottle of water in almost a year now!
My drink bottle broke recently so I’ve been trying new Sports Chiller drink bottle from Smash Enterprises​ and it totally beats “regular” drink bottles!
Here's why I love it compared to regular drink bottles:
  • It keeps my water colder for longer
  • It has a wide neck for easy cleaning (plus you can regular sized ice cubes)
  • It’s much lighter than my old drink bottle 
  • and my favourite part is that there’s no condensation ruining my handbag! It doesn't get wet on the outside, even if my water is really cold

Definitely worth checking out next time you’re at Coles! They come in 3 colours (pink, blue and grey) for $10 RRP. 
Let me know which colour you get!

x Marissa

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