Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Diary feature: Collins Debden 2020

If you're looking for a stylish, easy to use diary for 2020, you'll love the new diaries from Collins Debden!

Today I'm sharing 3 of my favourites from the collection - the Metropolitan Glasgow B6 week to view, the Vanguard A5 week to view, and the Diva 257 x 182 week to view in white.

Watch the video walkthrough below or keep reading for photos and descriptions!

Metropolitan Glasgow B6 week to view

The Glasgow is a weekly planner made with smooth Japanese paper and a sturdy cover. It's lovey to touch and still feels durable enough to keep in your handbag without worrying about ruining it. 

It's handy to take out and about with you and is perfect for the mum on the go that needs to write things down and not worry about remembering appointments, to do's and everything else! I love the elastic closure for keeping it all together in my bag.

It has 2 ribbon place holders, so you can open it up easily to the week you're living in and save another page at the same time - lots of helpful pages are included like goal trackers, yearly planners, etc.

I love the expandable pocket in the back - handy for keeping school notes, kids party invites, or anything else that normally ends up at the bottom of my bag! Plus it's so easy to write in because it lays flat when you open it.

The layout is vertical week to view with enough space to fit your daily needs.

It has so many extra helpful pages too! Monthly goal trackers, conversion chart, even an international apparel sizing guide which is handy when you're shopping for presents!

Vanguard A5 week to view

The Vanguard is gorgeous! 

It's navy, with copper foil on the cover and edging, a ribbon marker to hold your place, and an expandable inner pocket handy to hold notes.

The pages inside are beautiful, and it has all the features of the Glasgow in terms of page types and space for writing.

Diva 257 x 182 week to view

My favourite is the Diva week to view in white! 

It has a beautiful suede velvet cover and comes with gold metal inlay and gilt edging, plus the paper quality is lovely. 

There is SO much room inside on the week to view pages and it breaks the day down hour by hour, with a tonne of notes pages for journalling, lists or whatever you need at the back AND a year planner for 2021 as well!

Looks like I'm all set for an organised year!

What's your favourite planner or diary?

x Mrarissa

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