3 easy ways to store shoes


It's Easy Way Friday!

Today's question comes from Beck, who asks:

"How do you store your shoes?"

Thanks Beck! There are heaps of great shoe storage options out there, from hanging organisers to those cute clear boxes. Love them all!

For now, I keep my shoe storage pretty simple so that it's easy for everyone in the family to a) find their shoes, and b) put them away again.. even 3yr old Sophie! It just makes my life as a busy mum that little bit easier.

I store our shoes in 3 different ways, depending on what type of shoe it is.

Check out all 3 ways in the video below:

So tell me in the comments below - how do you store YOUR shoes?

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This video is not sponsored (but if you know me, you'll know I would LOVE to work with Howards Storage World as I'm a big fan of their range!).

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