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Monday, December 10, 2018

How to make paper stars for Christmas decorations

Georgia and I made beautiful, simple paper stars for Christmas decorations.. and they are so lovely!

If you love the look of these DIY Paper Star Christmas Ornaments, follow the step by step real life tutorial on how to fold stars with us below:

Learn how to fold and cut beautiful 5 point paper stars easily - all you need is a square piece of paper and scissors. A simple way to make beautiful paper star ornaments for Christmas decorations.

We put a hole at the top of each star, tied a lovely loop of ribbon, and strung them up along the wall for a simple holiday decoration.

This is a great Christmas craft for kids!

We filmed live on Facebook, join us there next time :)

x Marissa

P.S. Here is the tutorial I followed to learn how to make them :)

Monday, December 3, 2018

Declutter with me: Clearing out my cookbook shelf

I finally got a chance to declutter this hotspot! My cookbook shelf had become a dumping ground for papers and random bits and pieces and it was making me cranky every time I walked past it. Much better now!

Here are the before and after pics:

Watch the timelapse video below to see my declutter / organise method:

The weeks leading up to Christmas are the perfect time to declutter some spaces in your home - but stick to small spaces.

If you're in my Less Mess, Less Stress.. and More Calm program you'll know that doing a small space at a time (one shelf, not one cupboard) is the key to keeping the momentum going and not feeling overwhelmed at the idea of decluttering your home.

In the holiday season, we need extra space for organising gift wrapping, hiding presents, and storing extra pantry staples - so decluttering a little here and there really helps out.

What are you decluttering this week? Let me know on our (free) private Facebook group!

x Marissa

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How to add more storage to your living room

You spend a lot of time in your living room, so how can you keep it tidy without adding too much daily work to your To Do list?

The answer is to incorporate as many clever living room storage ideas as possible.

I use a simple 2 part process when I'm organising a room: First, I look around the room and ask myself "What makes this room look untidy?". Next, I look for ways to hide those untidy aspects or make them look nicer

Here are 6 clever living room storage ideas I've incorporated into my home - try them in yours!

1. Keep kids toys off the floor and packed away neatly in ottoman stools

Fantastic Furniture

2. Corral your many remote controls into a remote holder box

Howards Storage World

3. Pack blankets away into ottoman stools, or upgrade to beautiful throw blankets to cosy up your living room and make it look even more beautiful


4. Limit books or magazines on your coffee table to three, or invest in a coffee table with hidden storage drawers or shelves

Temple & Webster

5. Keep all incoming paperwork (bills, school notes, etc) in a beautiful A4 storage box with a lid and say goodbye to paper clutter in your living room. Process these papers each Sunday - action and / or file them for a clean start ready for the week ahead!

Kikki K

6. Add a "put away box" to the room so that anything dumped can be quickly placed into it when company comes unexpectedly (or when you just get sick of looking at it). At the end of the day, everyone needs to go through the box and put their stuff away where it belongs.


Now that I've shared my ideas for simple living room storage, I'd love to see yours! Share a photo of one of your living room storage solutions in our Facebook group and join in the discussion!

x Marissa

Thursday, November 22, 2018

5 simple rules for a home that runs smoothly

Home and family life is different for everyone. Here's what works for me and keeps my home running smoothly and peacefully.

1. Dinner isn’t over until the dishes are done. I feel better in the morning when I have a clean kitchen ready for breakfast time.

2. Don’t do things later when you can do them in the moment. Put things away as you finish using them or as you notice they are out of place.

3. Expect your children to help keep a tidy home. Don’t tidy for them or they’ll never learn how to do it themselves.

4. Spend time together. Not just doing everyday jobs, but fun time too. A game, reading, chatting - even just 10 minutes a day builds a connection and lessens whining.

5. Create a rhythm or schedule that suits you. Having set times for set tasks makes getting things done much easier - almost on autopilot.

What are your rules for a home that runs smoothly? Let's chat about it in our Facebook group!

x Marissa

Monday, November 12, 2018

Simplify your Christmas with this little activity (free worksheet)

Ready to simplify the holiday season?

This little activity helps you get all of the stress and overwhelm that comes with this time of year out of your head so you can focus on having the kind of Christmas YOU want!

Watch the video below to follow along with me!

Comment on the Facebook video and get your free worksheet >>

Want to get ready for Christmas together this year? 

Join me as I plan, prep and enjoy getting ready for Christmas 2018. I'll take you along with me for each step, so you can see how I simplify the holiday season.
With plenty of access to me personally, including live videos, behind the scenes photos and relaxed chats together - we'll be getting ready for Christmas side by side together :)

You can find out more about my Simple Christmas program here: