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Monday, November 12, 2018

Simplify your Christmas with this little activity (free worksheet)

Ready to simplify the holiday season?

This little activity helps you get all of the stress and overwhelm that comes with this time of year out of your head so you can focus on having the kind of Christmas YOU want!

Watch the video below to follow along with me!

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Want to get ready for Christmas together this year? 

Join me as I plan, prep and enjoy getting ready for Christmas 2018. I'll take you along with me for each step, so you can see how I simplify the holiday season.
With plenty of access to me personally, including live videos, behind the scenes photos and relaxed chats together - we'll be getting ready for Christmas side by side together :)

You can find out more about my Simple Christmas program here:

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

8 cute treats for your Halloween party

Want some not too scary, more cute and spooky Halloween treat ideas for your Halloween party this year?

These are my favourites!

Let me know if you try any of these ideas - I'd love to see pics in our free Facebook group!

Happy Halloween,

x Marissa

Easy Mulberry Jam

Today we are making Mulberry Jam!

We’re using a really simple method, no special ingredients or tools needed. It feels lovely and slow and cosy to make this, and your house will smell amazing!

I’m going to use it straight away in my baking - so below I'm sharing  a couple of ideas on how to use your jam if you don’t want to store it for the long term. I find the whole sterilising and canning for me right now is too much - I haven’t learnt how to do it properly yet, and I don’t have a bunch of jars - so I’m going to use my jam later today in my baking and freeze what I bake so it lasts that way.

Watch the videos to follow along, or keep reading for the recipe below!


  • Mulberries (about 5 cups, washed and de stemmed)
  • Sugar (½ cup)
  • Lemon juice (about 2 tablespoons)
  • Pinch salt
  • Pop a couple of metal spoons in your freezer - we will use those later to test when the jam is ready.


1. Put everything in a pot on your stovetop, start on medium heat, mix it all together and mash it with a potato masher (or a fork)

2. Bring it all to a boil, keep stirring it, for about 20 mins

3. Check if it is set - take your frozen spoon, drop some jam on, wait a couple of seconds, run your finger through it. If it leaves a line, it’s done. If it mixes back together, it needs more time on the stove

4. When it’s ready, cool it down to room temp, then use it!

If you don’t want to use it immediately, then you’ll need to put it into clean sterilised jars (boiling should do the trick, but I’m no expert here so do a bit of googling for this part), and keep it for a couple of weeks in the fridge or a couple of months in the freezer (remember it expands while freezing so leave room at the top or your jar will break).


  • Jam Swirl cake: Any butter or vanilla cake recipe, once batter combined, drop spoonfuls of jam on top and swirl through like a marble cake, then bake
  • Jam scrolls: See my video here
  • Jam and coconut muffins: See my video here
  • Jam drop biscuits: I love this Donna Hay recipe (I skip the lemon rind) 

Links to more learning - I love these blogs!

Let me know if you’ll be giving this jam recipe a go! Join our FREE Living a Simple Life group and post your jam making pics in there so I can see them!

x Marissa

Saturday, October 6, 2018

How I make money from home

How do I make money from home so I can spend more time with my children?

Each day, I get Instagram DMs, Facebook messages and emails from other mums, asking me this question because they want to stay home with their kids too.

My kids are in primary school now, so I could go back to corporate life, but I love the freedom of being home each day:

* I get to be there when my kids get home from school

* I have the availability to volunteer at the school every fortnight

* I have a quiet home during the day so I can still be a bit of an introvert and get the housework done without rushing

* I can to go to the movies by myself during the day

Living a simple life helps. Our only financial priority at the moment is paying off our mortgage as soon as possible. Plus, I love to cook and bake, so meals and our grocery budget are quite small.. and I have plenty of time to spend in the kitchen because I'm at home most days.

We don't need a lot of money - we can live off my husband's income - but it's nice to have extra money coming in that can work around our family life. It helps us pay off our mortgage faster, build savings for emergencies and special treats, and gives us the freedom to make decisions about life based on what we want to do rather than what we have to do.

If you're looking for the same kind of simple, happy life - this post might help you!

Here's how I personally make money (or have previously made money) from home.

1. Blogging & vlogging here at Beautifully Organised
2. Working with other bloggers and entrepreneurs
3. Through
4. Ironing at home
5. Through Swagbucks

A breakdown of each one in case you want to try it too:

Blogging and Vlogging.

I blog here at Beautifully Organised, and I also run a YouTube channel.

I used to get paid through Adsense for my YouTube videos, but right now I don't meet the new partner qualifications, so that income stream is on hold. 

Most of the money I make through my blog and vlog is from sponsored posts, affiliate links, and selling my own printables & digital courses. 

It took me a while to set up these income streams because I spent my first few years stumbling through it  and learning really slowly about the tech, growing my audience, pitching brands, making printables, creating online courses, and selling online. 

I think if I started now instead of in 2011, I would have saved a lot of time and effort by using the resources from the Genius Blogger's Toolkit - it has everything you need to get up and running and start bringing in money using your blog & social media for under $100. 

They're also running a free video class series right now that will show you:

  • How to grow your blogging income (with strategies that work in any niche)
  • Why now is the best time to start a blog (and how a new blogger can succeed faster)
  • How to grow your blog traffic using Pinterest
  • How to blog when you're already busy (run your blog in less time with less headache)

Working with other bloggers and entrepreneurs.

This is one is really fun - I get to talk about all the online entrepreneurial stuff with other people who love it too. 

My poor husband - his eyes would glaze over every time I started talking about blogging, marketing funnels, launches and sales.. its just not his thing. But I could talk about it all day.. 

So when people started asking me how I personally simplified working online (I only work 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week) and what hacks, tips, funnel insights and sales techniques I used, I was happy to share what worked for me! 

I currently work with 3 - 5other entrepreneurs at a time, helping them simplify their online presence while they grow their businesses with social media and consistent content. I also share tips here.


If you're not a blogger and don't want to run your own business, but you can type well, transcription could work for you. I did it for about a year to supplement my income, and it's helped us when we needed a little extra cash in a hurry (they pay weekly). But the pay is practically nothing per hour, so you have to love it and you need to be really efficient. I would only recommend this if you have no other choice. Although it was fun typing up celeb interviews!

Ironing at home.

I did this when the kids were babies and I had a good couple of hours available while they napped. It was a simple setup, I had a Facebook page to promote the ironing service, I'd take on a couple of clients a day and I'd watch a movie while I ironed and the baby slept.
Not great pay per hour (I charged $20 for a level basket which took an hour), and you need insurance in case you accidentally burn something special, but it's a great work from home option when you need quick cash. Ironically, now I hardly ever iron our own clothes - I think I've ironed too much over time ;)

Through Swagbucks.

This one is interesting - I've tried Swagbucks a few times with practically no success. But this year, things are different and it's becoming a nice little side income to add to our basket that takes practically no effort. 

You accrue points through completing actions on their website and then swap those points for gift vouchers (great for buying Christmas gifts) or my favourite, PayPal vouchers (real money in my account, woohoo!).

Most of the actions on Swagbucks - playing games, taking surveys, watching videos - are huge time wasters, and I don't recommend doing them. Sometimes I'll answer a question or take a survey, but it's never really been worth it for me.

You can also earn points through cash back shopping. Say you wanted to buy an Oroton handbag online - instead of going to the Oroton website, you click through to it via the Swagbucks website, and you'll earn a small percentage back on your purchase in terms of points - which go towards your total to redeem via PayPal. 

I don't shop a lot online, but have plenty of readers, viewers and friends who do. So I share my Swagbucks referral link with them, they sign up and get points when they shop, and I earn referral points that go towards my PayPal vouchers. This referral process has been my most successful way of using the site to earn extra money. It helps to have a following online to make it worthwhile, so if you're a blogger, this would be great for you too.

Out of all of these options, blogging / vlogging is definitely the one I recommend if you want to stay home with your children and earn some extra money. 

My blog and YouTube channel fit into my every day life - I post about organising, cleaning, cooking and parenting. So I basically film or write about stuff I'm doing anyway. 

You could do this with anything - look at any hobbies you have, or things you are good at. What could you share with other people? Could you teach them, relate to them, entertain them? 

Maybe blogging is for you too!

x Marissa

* This post contains affiliate links - if you make a purchase via my links, I receive a small commission.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

My typical daily routine (weekdays with primary school aged children)

 I thought you might like a peek at what my day is like as a mum of two primary school aged children!

Everyone’s situation is different, this is just a look at how we do things in my family - it’s not a “to do” for yours. Let me know your daily routine in our free private Facebook group!

Ok so our mornings usually begin around 6.30 - 7am when the kids wake us up.

I trade off “default parent” shifts with my husband..

First thing in the morning he takes care of breakfast, school lunches, brings me coffee in bed and takes care of the dogs.

From 7.30 the kids have to get dressed if they want to keep watching tv..

At 8am I get up, make bed and get dressed (I shower at night) and take over default parenting.

I manage the kids getting ready for school (they are 9 and 7 so can do most of it I just give verbal prompts), put a load of washing on and organise the cat’s food and litter tray.

Kids do a quick tidy of the lounge room once they are ready and then I drop them off at school 👍😃

Then I work from home for a couple of hours, do some cleaning, chill out for a bit, and bake a little (usually something for afternoon tea).

When the kids get home from school we have afternoon tea, then they go play with the neighbourhood kids and I have a cup of tea, hang the washing, bring in yesterday’s washing, then start dinner.

My husband is usually home around now and we cook dinner, wash dishes and chat together.

After dinner I manage the kids showers and homework while husband does last dishes and takes care of the dogs, then the kids head to bed with a bit of reading and I do a quick house tidy before having a shower and going to bed to watch Netflix or YouTube 💕

And that’s it! I like to keep my days pretty simple.

Let me know your daily routine in our free private Facebook group!

x Marissa