Sunday, October 7, 2012

How I plan my week

Welcome to this week's easy way video!

This week we're talking about planning - how I keep track of everyone in the family - who is doing what & when.

Taking some time each week to work out what we have going on, who needs to be where and who will be looking after the kids takes a lot of stress out of our every day life.

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So basically:

I use the TinyMe calendar to get an overview of the month and this is where I first jot things down as they come up - usually things like birthday parties, Ben's golf days, my organising appointments etc go here as soon as we start talking about them.

The big family planner from Inner B is my weekly wrap up at a glance - everyone can see it in the kitchen so we can keep track of our social stuff, what we are having for dinner each day, and which chores need to be done. Really handy because dinners are always on time (which means no cranky kids!) and we aren't accidentally double cleaning or leaving out rooms when we do housework.

My Erin Condren diary lives in my handbag (except for when I need a smaller bag) and I can put things into more detail here. It's handy because I can take it around with me, and it's colourful and fun to use (stickers!) so I find myself actually getting it out rather than forgetting to write in it and refer to it.

Tech wise, I use Google Chrome on my iPhone and computers so Google Calendar is my go to system. If I don't have my diary when I'm out and about (say I have the nappy bag but no handbag), I enter everything into my iPhone and update my diary at the end of the week.

So, how do YOU organise your week?


Credits: I bought the calendar at the start of this year, I bought the erin condren diary at the start of this year, and I was kindly gifted the weekly family planner to try out. All opinions are my own and completely honest.

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  1. I have the Inner B set my diary and the magnetic weekly planner and meal planner on the them :)

    1. I'm thinking of getting the Inner-B Mum organiser next year Jen! I try a new one every year and I'm on a bit of an Inner-B obsession at the moment :)

  2. Organise? haha... Well, I have my Thermomix diary with me everywhere I go - and I have my Google Calendar synced with my hubbys on our iphones, the ipad and the imac... the key is remembering to transfer things from the online version to the written version and vice versa... me thinks I'm in need of more discipline in this area ;)

    1. Yep, I had that problem, I ended up making Sunday night my 'synchronise planners'night - think I got the idea from Kat at The Organised Housewife :)

  3. p.s. lovely use of your inside voice ;) hehehe... any chance you filmed whilst kidlets were sleeping? xx