How to make the most of your space at home

When I do my organising sessions with busy mums, one of the most common problems they mention in our first email exchange is clutter. They say they have way too much clutter in their house and they don’t know where to start to get rid of it all.

But the truth is, when I take a good look at their space, I don’t think of it as cluttered. Full? Yes. But full of things that are in good condition and are either being used now, or are being kept for use in the future (like when baby #2, or #3, or #4 arrives down the track). To me, the issue isn’t that they have too much clutter, it’s that they have not enough space.

Isn’t that the same thing? Not exactly. When I talk about clutter, I’m talking about things that are no longer useful. Things that are taking up space without providing any benefit now or in the near future. So the issue here isn’t about finding ways to get rid of it all, it’s about finding space to keep it in, and freeing up some more space in your home for living in.

There are lots of great ideas out there to make the most of your space - hidden storage in furniture, underbed storage, shelf inserts to make the most of cupboards - it all helps. I also encourage people to look around their house, really look at it, and see where you can find extra space here and there that can be turned into extra room to live, work or play in. Here are some ideas for families with children:

  • Lot’s of toys? Pop some into storage boxes with lids and keep them in the backyard. It’s a great way to encourage your little ones to spend some more time playing outside, and with a lid on the box, the toys will keep well. Plus you may be surprised at how much more fun even older toys are when they’re played with in a new location!
  • Unused space on your front verandah? Try enclosing it with glass fencing - it lets the light in, wipes clean and gives you so much extra room for the kids to play with bigger toys like baby ride ons, toy pianos & drum kits. Plus there’s room for you to relax (and maybe even feel like you’re on holidays!)
  • Combine your home office & playroom: A low bookshelf with coloured baskets will hold toys neatly at a level the kids can reach themselves, freeing you up to get some work done at home when you need to. Pop a child size desk next to yours and you have a ‘work space’ for little ones to use while you work beside them at the big one :)

So if you’re worried about clutter in your house, look closely - you might have some extra space hiding in there that you can use!