Got a few minutes? 7 things to declutter right now

Want to declutter your home but can't find the time to do it?

Trust me, it's too big a job to do in one go without getting frustrated and giving up.

Instead, try focusing on small things that you can do in a few minutes, and build from there. After all, every little bit helps!

Here are 7 ways you can declutter in under 10 minutes:
  1. Open a kitchen drawer, take out every tool you haven't used in the last year and chuck it out or donate it
  2. Go through your pens and textas and throw out the ones that don't work
  3. Go through your bedside table and throw out all rubbish and broken items
  4. Have a look in your sock drawer - any lonely looking single socks in there? Get rid of them (or put them in your kids' craft box and make sock puppets tomorrow)
  5. Go through your children's shoes and take out any that are too small.
  6. Open your pantry and throw away every thing out of date. If your pantry is too big, just pick one shelf and do that one today
  7. Take a look in your tupperware cupboard - any containers without lids? Repurpose them and use them for organising in other parts of the house
There - 7 ideas you can try right now, no matter how little time you have. Try printing out this list and checking off one every day!

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