Monday, June 3, 2013

Think outside the box for your storage solutions

Check out this gorgeous scarf storage idea from one of my favourite clients!

Alana from has a natural talent for finding stylish storage solutions that make the most of her space - I love working with her :)

I took this photo the last time I was at her house because it's such a great example of thinking 'outside the box' when it comes to organising your home!

I mean that literally - sometimes we get so caught up in organising things into boxes we overlook other great ideas that make the most of our storage space.

Alana's scarf storage uses a hanging shoe organiser (you can get them at Howards and at Big W):

I use one in my house to store the kids' smaller toys - cars, barbies, small stuffed animals, musical instruments like maracas & tambourines, and so many of those 'Little People' figurines!

Take a look around your house today and see what creative organising ideas you can come up with, I bet you'll think of some great ones :)

Got an 'outside the box' organising idea to share? Comment below and tell me about it!

 photo msigtrans.png

Credits: Shoe organiser pic from Howards Storage World. This post is not sponsored and contains no affiliate links.

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  1. Wow, thanks Marissa! This scarf holder, your put-away bins and the home inbox have tidied up our place nicely. Thank you.

  2. I think for each and every item we should have to make proper storage place. So that it becomes easy to find things. Now it on you how you manage and plan as this is must. I like the image in which you have put scarfs, really it look nice.

  3. I like hanging shoe organizer so much, Marrisa you have shared very unique ideas on storage units I really like these ideas.