Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tips for Easier Back to School Mornings

It's almost Back to School time.

Parents... Get excited!

No. Wait.

First you have to accomplish back to school shopping (with the kids!) then practice getting up early again, get everyone eating breakfast together at the same time again, nail the art of getting everyone ready on time...

Far out.. I am tired just thinking about it ;)

It's our second year of 'big school' this year and looking back, the most effective thing we did to get school mornings moving more smoothly last year was to encourage our daughter to be more independent - to be responsible for getting herself ready and make sure her bag was packed.

It made Sophie more confident, helped her remember what was happening on different days of the week, and helped developed her accountability for remembering her hand her homework in on time.

It also made mornings MUCH easier for me, which in turn meant less nagging before school!

Here's a video of us preparing for back to school last year - it shows the 2 prints we used to make Sophie's getting ready routine nice and easy..

..and we have a free copy of them for you just under the video!

Just click on the picture below to grab a free set of those prints for your home:

And don't forget to check out the other great tips over at The Mummy Project - they're really helpful!

What are YOUR tips for easier Back to School Mornings??

x Marissa



  1. Replies
    1. Lovely video. Thanks. Makes things feel simpler and gets the kids involved!
      I'd like to buy your binder, but need to know do you mail it over (airmail) or email it and we download it and print? Please advise.
      Thank you :)