10 tasks you can do while you're on the phone

I thought I'd switch it up a bit this week and record an audio for you to listen to instead of my regular blog posts or videos - handy if you're too busy to sit down and read or watch :)

Which fits perfectly with my topic this week - I'm talking time management and how to get more done while you're on the phone.

You might be having an hour long chat with a friend and feeling a bit guilty for not getting some stuff done around the house.

Or you might be on hold for 20 mins with a call centre and be getting pretty bored by now..

Whatever the reason, if you're looking to be a little more productive with your phone time (and hopefully free yourself up a bit later on), today I'm sharing my top 10 things to do while I'm on the phone - hope it helps you too!

Just click on the play button below to listen:

If you don't have time to listen, here's the 10 in a quick list:
  • Wipe down counters and table tops
  • Pick up stray items and put them where they belong
  • Fold clothes and put them away
  • Get out ingredients for any cooking or baking you're planning when you hang up
  • Declutter a drawer or shelf
  • Give yourself a manicure
  • Clean out your wallet
  • Make your bed
  • Clear out your fridge
  • Wipe down your computer monitor and keyboard

Bonus: Save these extra 3 for when you’re on hold for ages (you’ll need to focus a bit more):

  • Update your calendar
  • Plan out your meals for the week ahead (give away print)
  • Clear out your computer desktop: organise those pictures and files!

Now it's your turn!

Pick 1 of the 10 and see how productive you can be next time you're on the phone :)

Do you have a favourite job to do while you're chatting or on hold?

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