How to make your home feel calmer, more beautiful and more nurturing - simple ideas you can try in minutes

I know a lot of Beautifully Organised readers loved the interview I did with Naomi Findlay a few weeks ago on creating a bedroom sanctuary in your own home!

Many of you also took Naomi's free Instagram bedroom challenge and LOVED it, so I wanted to chat with Naomi again and talk about how to get that feeling in other areas of our home as well. 

So today Naomi and I are talking about about simple ways to create beautiful, calm, nurturing spaces in your home. We talk about a quick & easy way for anyone to bring freshness, life and beauty to their spaces in a matter of minutes, and Naomi also has lots of other tips to share that will do the same in her new video series!

You can watch Naomi's other free videos at

Naomi's tips are awesome - she knows exactly what it's like to juggle work, family and life and how full the days can get, so the techniques she share are really do-able and effective :)

Enjoy the interview! 

Access Naomi's free Space Medicine videos here:

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