A quick and easy beauty routine for people who don't have much free time

Today’s tip is perfect for you if you love the idea of a regular at home beauty routine but have no time to fit it into your day.

It’s a really simple 10 minute addition that will leave you feeling beautiful, rested and relaxed at the end of each day, and the best part is, It’s pure indulgent self care, without the guilt that normally comes with taking out some time for yourself.

Today’s simple tip is to shower at night instead of in the morning, and to add an extra 10 minutes to your shower routine to focus on beauty and self care.

A morning shower is rushed - you cram it into your morning routine before you fly out the door on your way to work or school. A night time shower is different - it’s slow, indulgent and uninterrupted - it’s pure ME time.

Schedule in an extra few minutes for beauty during or right after your shower when you’re already relaxed and warm, and your skin is soft.  Assign a simple beauty task to each day and you’ll be able to take care of everything by the end of the week. Then just repeat the cycle!

For example, you can try my weekly beauty routine:

Monday: Body scrub

Tuesday: Manicure

Wednesday: Hair wash and treatment

Thursday: Face exfoliation and eyebrow grooming

Friday: Pedicure

Saturday: Face Mask and Eye Treatment

Sunday: Hair removal

Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you!

x Marissa