Cozy Christmas touches in our home

It's December! I love the holiday season and all the extra warmth and cheer it brings.

End of year dinners, parties, delicious food and treats, watching Christmas movies with my family, driving around to see Christmas lights in the neighbourhood... I pretty much love the whole thing.

The only thing I don't love? Holiday season overwhelm.

It's easy to get caught up in the rush of To Do's, feeling like we are behind compared to others with our Christmas prep, gift wrapping, decorations..

And while I love dinners and parties, I'm still quite an introvert, and need plenty of opportunities to recharge in a calmer way.

I want a haven to escape to and relax in.

So for our house, instead of lots of bright, glittery decorations, I prefer to just sprinkle a little holiday warmth and cheer throughout my home.

Simple little touches that make me feel cosy and rested :)

Let's take a little tour of my home, and I'll show you what I mean.

Lounge room

This is my favourite piece in our home this year. It's a beautiful wooden tray with small bowls in it, filled with nuts and gold chocolate coins, and the most delicious smelling candle you will ever come across!

The Elume Christmas candle is vanilla and nutmeg scented and it is divine. It's aromatic and Christmassy without being overpowering, and it looks so pretty..

After a busy day, once the kids go to bed, I light the candle, add a glass of red wine to the tray and take the whole thing in with me when I go to have a loooong bubble bath.

It's so relaxing :)

Onto the rest of the house!

Kids bedrooms 

My kids are older so I can't take over their bedrooms anymore.. so I compromise by decorating just one dresser top and keeping it simple!

I put a Christmas shirt on one of their toys, add a couple of Christmas books and some extra baubles in a glass.. and we're done! 

Very cute, very easy.


For the kitchen, I swap out our usual fruit bowl for a Christmas decorated one, and keep the red KitchenAid stand mixer on the counter for the pop of Christmas colour.

Next, I prop up a cookbook with our recipe holder and open it to a cute page with Christmas baking pictures.

Oh and I swap out the tea towels for red gingham ones - but I can't show you that photo because I forgot to clean my oven  before writing this blog post ;)


Okay fine, we've all done it! Here it is:

We have a few other little sprinkles of Christmas throughout the house that you can see in today's YouTube video - Click below to watch!

I'd love to hear about your Christmas decor - do you go all out glitz and glam, or do you prefer a cosier feel?

x Marissa

Thank you to candles2go for providing the beautiful elume candle for our cosy Christmas!