What to clean at home to reduce the spread of sickness

Whether Covid has hit your home or you’re just trying to stop the spread of cold, flu or any other ailment, there are a number of shared spots that can contribute to the spread of germs.

There’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll stop the spread completely by cleaning, but it can drastically reduce the chances of something running through the whole family.

The tricky part, of course, is balancing the extra workload that all of this extra cleaning will produce when you’re already looking after someone who is unwell. It’s especially difficult if you’re the one who should be in bed recovering!

So while this list is helpful, please don’t feel pressured to do it. This list is purely for people who want an easy-to-read list for those times when stopping the spread is really important (and that will be different for everyone).

Clean these parts of your home to help reduce the spread of sickness:

  • Door handles (both sides of the door), including:
  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Internal doors (bedrooms etc)
  • Fridge, freezer & pantry doors
  • Shared cupboard, wardrobe and drawer doors
  • Car doors
  • Remotes
  • Hand held devices (phones, ipads etc)
  • Shared toys
  • Tap handles
  • Light switches
  • Powerpoint switches
  • Oven and stovetop knobs
  • The toilet (especially the seat and flush button)

One more thing! 

Normally I’d say use a homemade spray and wipe surfaces down with reusable cloths for a more eco-friendly clean, but I totally understand if you’d prefer to use disinfectant wipes during times of family illness in order to reduce your workload and increase your peace of mind.

I hope you found this list helpful! If you’d like next steps for easy cleaning, you can download a free copy of my Easy Cleaning book here.

x Marissa