How to declutter your home without overwhelm

Want to declutter your home but having trouble getting started?

If you're looking around your house, feeling totally overwhelmed, wanting a neat & tidy space but you just can't figure out where to begin, this post is for you.

I know what it feels like to feel motivated to start decluttering but also feel like the job might be too big to handle.

I still have days when a space really needs improving but I only have a few minutes and think that's not enough time to accomplish anything.

But there's a still a lot of good that can be done, even if you're feeling overwhelmed or are short on time.

The key is to let go of needing to get it all done at once, and needing to make it perfect. Instead, focus on making the declutter as easy as possible and aim for just a little improvement at a time. It really takes the pressure off.

Ready to move past overwhelm and declutter your space quickly & easily? Here are 3 steps to do it:

1. Pick just one small part of your home. Just one. Pick either the part of the house that frustrates you the most, or the part of the house you love to be in the most. That's the space you'll declutter today. The smaller the better! Not a whole room. Not a whole cupboard. Start with a shelf for an easy win that will make you feel good at the end..

2. Take a step back and look at that area before you begin. Think about what you'll be using this space for when it's clear. What will you keep there? What will it look like? Imangine how good it will feel to look at it once it's done and let yourself feel that way right now.

3. One item at a time. Don't take out everything at once and dump it on the floor and try to declutter and organise it that way. Pick up one thing and decide if it's a keep, donate, or throw away - it's always going to be one of those three. Then move on to the next item, and repeat. Once you've sorted into those 3 groups, throw away the rubbish immediately, put the donate items in the boot of your car, and you're left with a much smaller pile of things to put away neatly.

What if you're not sure where something belongs? 

Then you probably don't need to keep it. 

If you're really not sure, put it in a box with a lid on it (one you can't see through). Write the date 6 months from now on a post-it and stick it on the box - then put the box somewhere you won't see it easily (in a cupboard, or in the garage). If you don't open the box in 6 months, it's safe to say you don't need what's inside - so donate the box without opening it again.

What if the kids interrupt me?  

They can help! 

Let them manage the rubbish pile and put it into a bag for you. If you're decluttering one piece at a time instead of dumping the pile on the floor, it won't matter if you get interrupted because you won't have a big mess to come back to. If you only get a few things done, you can try again another day! This doesn't have to be a big complicated project. It can be something you do a little of each week.

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you're ready for next steps, check out the Less Mess, Less Stress, and More Calm program where I walk you through simple steps to organise and maintain your home.

x Marissa