3 things you can declutter and organise in minutes

When you’re short on time or feel overwhelmed by clutter, the best place to start is with something small. Decluttering and organising a very small space is a quick win, which motivates you to keep going.

Don’t underestimate the power of the quick win snowball effect! You'll feel amazing.

Choose one small space today that you want to tidy up right now, and set a timer for 10 minutes to get it done. Here are 3 things you can declutter and organise in minutes:

Your handbag.

Is your bag overflowing with receipts, wrappers, crumpled tissues, and stuff you think you need when you go out but never actually use? Now’s the time to clear it out.

Decluttering and organising your handbag or wallet is a really good place to start. You'll be surprised at what you find in there if it's been a while since your last clear out!

Start your timer, dump everything out onto a table, your bed or the floor, and then all you need to do is:

  • Pick out the rubbish and throw it away
  • Pick out the things you don’t use every day when you’re out and about and put them away
  • Put everything else back in your bag neatly, and move on with your day

Your spices.

This one is SO easy.

Start your timer, take out your spices, and put them on your counter. Next:

  • Throw away anything that has expired
  • Throw away anything you haven’t used in a year
  • Wipe down your spice shelf / storage container and put the rest back neatly

Your bedside table.

This one is quick and easy and you’ll LOVE it because it helps make your room feel like a calm haven you can escape to.

Start your timer, open your drawer and follow these steps:

  • Pick out the rubbish and throw it away
  • Take every other item out one at a time and sort as you go - decide if it really belongs in the drawer or can go somewhere else
  • Wipe out the drawer
  • Put the stuff that belongs there back neatly
  • Put the other stuff where it really belongs


These spaces are so quick and easy, if you get interrupted, it’s no big deal to stop and come back to it. But you’ll probably be done before you get interrupted by the kids, the phone or the doorbell.

When in doubt, throw it out! Rubbish, anything broken or expired - these are easy to throw away and make a big difference to how your space looks.

Once that momentum gets going, you’ll find it’s easy to see other easy opportunities for decluttering in your home.

Everything feels more do-able once you begin.

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you're ready for next steps, check out my free workshop 3 Quick things to do today to get organised.

x Marissa