9 Ways your phone camera can make your life easier

You know I'm all about making life easier as a parent by reducing the mental load as much as possible!

Today I have a quick little hack that saves me time and stress and uses the one tool I always have handy - my phone.

You don't need a fancy expensive smartphone for this - any phone with a camera will work :)

I use the camera and photos app on my phone to help reduce the mental load in my day-to-day life by taking a quick photo of anything I need to remember or any paperwork I don't want to lose.

Here are a few examples! 

I take a photo of:

  • My oven knobs before I go on holidays so I can see I turned the oven and stovetop off before I left
  • Where I park my car in big car parks so I don't have to wander around looking for my car after shopping (I never remember where I park)
  • School notes so when they get lost, I still have the details
  • Kids birthday invitations so it doesn’t matter if they get lost 
  • The inside of my pantry and fridge if I don’t have time to do a shopping list before I head out (this way I can see what I have at a glance and not worry about unnecessary purchases)
  • My kids before heading out to a big event so if they get lost I can show people what they look like and what they are wearing
  • Myself when I look nice so I can print it next time I'm at K Mart along with other family photos and put them in the photo album (if I don't do this, there would be no photos with Mum in them)
  • My planner pages for the week so I don’t have to lug my heavy planner around with me (actually I use my Google calendar instead of a paper planner this year but this has been handy in the past so I still wanted to share it)
  • My pets so if they get lost I can post their pic on Facebook and ask my local community to help me find them

See? There are so many ways taking a quick photo with your phone can make your life easier :)

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you're ready for next steps, check out my free workshop 3 Quick things to do today to get organised.

x Marissa