How to simplify your Spring clean

It’s Spring here in Australia and the days are finally starting to warm up a little 🌼

It’s a great time of year to tackle a deeper clean in your home because everything feels so much fresher once it’s had a good clean, BUT we don’t want it to feel overwhelming.

You don’t have to Spring clean your whole house to freshen it up! Let’s make it a bit easier this year.

Focus on 1 room each week.

We have 12 weeks of Spring, so with one room each week we should be able to cover everything. If you run out of rooms, you can enjoy an early finish!

Follow the same simple steps for the basics in each room, in the same order.

Use my Simple Spring Clean checklist as a guide if you like! The basic concept is to start high and clean top to bottom.

In each room, I start by dusting the ceilings to remove cobwebs, then ceiling fans, tops of cupboards, and windows. Dust with a good feather duster and then give it all a once over with a hot soapy cloth (if needed) and let it air dry.

Next, give your counters/table tops a quick spray and wipe, and then finish up with the floor - which will be pretty dusty by now. Just sweep, mop or vacuum. Done!

If you want to do more, choose one space in each room that needs a bit of extra care and work on that.

People think Spring cleaning means every single surface has to be completely taken care of, and that’s where the overwhelm comes in.

Honestly, your house isn’t that dirty. The spring clean steps above take care of accumulated dust in the areas we don’t pay attention to in our day-to-day life. The rest, we tend to clean as we go, so nothing really builds up much.

But if you’d like to do more than the basics, there’s a section on the checklist for this too!

In each room, there’s a list of areas you can focus on. Choose 1 - 3 that need a little more care in your house, do those, and then decide if the others need taking care of as well (and if you have the time and energy to do it).

For example, in the kitchen, the checklist includes:

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Pantry
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Cupboards
  • Floors

In my house by Spring time, the oven could do with a good clean, the dishwasher might need a once over, and the floors could do with a good scrub just near the oven.

So that’s what I’ll focus on.

This year I’ll outsource the oven clean, follow this process for the dishwasher, and pick up one of these to scrub the floor sections that need it (I just fill it with dishwashing liquid and a bit of water).

I hope you found these ideas helpful! If after this, you want to go deeper into your Spring Clean, you might want to check out my Simple Spring Clean mini-course where I walk you through it and share a few extra tips and hacks that make it easier.

Check out the Simple Spring Clean mini-course here >>

Let me know how your Spring Clean goes!

x Marissa