My vintage tip for getting more done around the house efficiently

I’m not a natural housework person.

I don’t love cleaning, and I got organised to make my life easier, not to have a Pinterest perfect home.

I like my housework to be simple and easy and if I come across a tool that helps me get things done more efficiently, I’m sticking with it, no matter how old school it feels.

My top tip for getting more done around the house is a vintage one - I like to wear an apron. I have aprons for cooking and aprons for cleaning and while I love the look of some of them - cute colours and prints - that’s not the main reason I wear them.

Here’s how popping an apron on makes a productive difference to my day:

I don’t stress about ruining my outfit when I’m cooking or cleaning and don’t have to change into ”house clothes”.

I work from home and tend to potter about my day, doing a work thing, then a home thing, then I chill out, then I might do another home thing or pop out for a bit and the last thing I wan to do is change my clothes to suit the task I’m doing.

Lately I’ve really kind of flowed through the day doing things as I please rather than following a schedule, so I keep it simple and get dressed in the morning in whatever nice outfit I want to wear and then if I’m cooking or cleaning I pop an apron on so I don’t get anything on my clothes.

Aprons have pockets.

Most of my outfits don’t have pockets (so annoying, why don’t they have them?!?) so wearing an apron gives me a spot to put my wedding rings when I take them off to knead bread dough, or a spot to put random little things i pick up and put away as I tidy the house, or I’ll put my phone in my apron pocket so I can listen to a podcast as I get a few things done.

I get into “job mode” when I put one on.

There’s a little mindset shift that happens for me when I pop an apron on. It’s like a little motivation kick, and I feel ready to get started with cooking, tidying, cleaning or organising.

I feel more focused and efficient when I’m doing each task, the time seems to fly by and I get things done quickly & easily. Then when I take it off again, it’s like it signifies the end of my work time like I’m clocking out of a shift.

So that’s why I’m an old-school apron wearer! Do you wear one too or are they too old fashioned for you?

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