4 Simple steps for organising your kids bedroom

Kids rooms are something we struggle with often because of the sheer volume of stuff they have. Clothes, books, shoes, toys, blankets, devices, charging cords, it all adds up to a lot!

Plus, if your kids are like most kids, they’re great at getting things out, but not great at putting things away again.

Here are my favourite tips for organising your kids bedrooms so you don’t get exhausted tidying them over and over again:

Declutter and Sort.

The first step is to declutter and sort through the items in the room.

You don’t have to do it all in one session, you can break it down into stages if that feels easier. Do toys one day, books another day, clothes another day, etc.

Should you involve your kids in the process?

It’s completely up to you. A few things to consider:

  • You’ll move a little slower if the kids are involved
  • They usually want to keep everything
  • They tend to rediscover forgotten items and then get distracted playing with them
  • On the positive side, they’ll feel more in control if they're involved, and there's less risk of you decluttering something you didn’t realise was important to them
  • It’s a great way to role model regular decluttering and organising so they have an opportunity to get better at it over time

To begin decluttering, pick a category, gather up all of the items in that category and take them into a big open space like a table or clear floor area.

Sort them into piles: Keep, Donate, Throw away.

Pop the throw away items in the bin, put the donate items into a bag and in the back of your car ready for dropping off when you drive past a collection point, and then put the keep items back neatly.

Make the most of storage space.

Once you’ve decluttered and sorted, take a look at storage opportunities in their bedroom.

You can create additional storage like under-bed boxes on wheels for smaller toys like lego, dolls and cars, bookshelves with baskets for books and soft toys, hooks on the back of doors for backpacks, and cupboard organisers for clothes and hats.

Give every item you keep a place to belong so it’s easy to keep the room organised and tidy, and if the kids are young you can use picture labels on cupboards and drawers so they know what’s inside.

Create a simple cleaning routine.

Create a simple cleaning routine to stay on top of it all and get your kids involved.

Try having tidy up time right before bath time each evening, just a few minutes together putting things where they belong, at the same time so it becomes a regular part of each day.

Dust, change bedsheets and vacuum on a Saturday and you’ll find this routine helps keep clutter at bay (there will always be new things coming in!) making it easier to manage rather than leaving it and having to do another big clear out every few months.

Keep it light.

The more light and breezy you are about taking care of the room, the easier it will be to keep your kids involved in helping take care of it.

If budget allows, let kids choose their bedding and a few decorations for their room, pop their artwork on a bulletin board and place favourite toys in spots where they are easy to get out and easy to put away again.

When it’s tidy up time, let them choose a song to tidy up to and see how much they can get done in those few minutes.

Follow the same simple rhythm each time you tidy. Rubbish in the bin, pjs under pillow, dirty clothes in the washing basket, books on the book shelf, toys where they belong.

And if all else fails, just close the door and ignore it all 😉

I hope you found these ideas helpful! If you’re ready for next steps in organising your home & life, you might want to check out my popular House & Family Binder. It’s a simple set of prints to help you get organised and run your household without stress or overwhelm.