5 Simple steps for kids to tidy their rooms

If life is feeling a bit chaotic and overwhelming trying to manage your household (along with everything else at work and in life), that’s a sign that it’s time to start delegating.

One easy task to delegate is to have the kids tidy their own room.

I know, it feels quicker and easier to just do it yourself but I promise, once this becomes a habit and they get the hang of it, it really helps reduce your workload. Not only do you not have to tidy it yourself anymore, but other tasks like changing bedlinen, decluttering and deeper cleaning become much easier because you don’t have to wade through everything to do it.

Kids like a tidy room too, they just feel overwhelmed when we ask them to do it because they don’t know where to start and they don’t have a step by step to follow.

Give them this simple one and you’ll find they’ll pick it up quickly and easily!

Step 1: Rubbish

The first step is to grab every piece of rubbish in the room and put it in a bin. I recommend keeping a bin in their bedroom so they don’t have to leave the room to take care of the rubbish. All they have to do is pick up any wrappers, papers, or other rubbish and pop it in. This makes the rest of the job feel easier because now there’s less to deal with.

Step 2: Make the Bed

It doesn't have to be perfect, they just need to pull up the covers and put the pillows in place. Avoid adding extra cushions or throw blankets to the bed, the fewer items there are, the easier it is for them to make it on their own.

Step 3: Put Like Items Together

Next, they create piles for different categories of belongings. Books can be stacked in one pile, clothes can be gathered in another pile, papers in one place, shoes in another, and toys in a separate pile.

Step 4: Put Each Pile Away Together

Once the items are grouped, help your children put each pile away in the place it belongs. They have trouble with this step initially, so doing it together makes it feel more doable and shows them there actually are places designated for each item. After a few times, they’ll remember where things belong and can then do it themselves.

Step 5: Quick Vacuum

If they can handle the vacuum, let them do this one themselves. Younger kids find it fun and older kids can manage it easily.

I hope you found these ideas helpful! If you’re ready for next steps in organising your home & life, you might want to check out my popular House & Family Binder. It’s a simple set of prints to help you get organised and run your household without stress or overwhelm.