5 Easy ways to keep your shoes tidy

Shoe storage can look a little messy when you have young children!

It’s usually because:

  • Kids are always on the move and there’s no set place they think of as the spot where they put on and take off their shoes. They tend to dump their shoes wherever they happen to take them off because they’re focused on whatever they’re about to do next
  • Kids grow out of shoe sizes really quickly in their first 10 years so it’s not unusual to have lots of shoes in different sizes and lose track of which ones actually fit and get worn regularly
  • We get given shoes as hand-me-downs from well-meaning friends and family, and while it’s a thoughtful idea that saves money, we have to store the shoes somewhere while we’re waiting for kids to grow into them

Messy shoes make the house look more cluttered than it really is, and it’s hard to relax when we’re tripping over random shoes or spending way too long looking for them when we’re in a hurry in the morning!

Here are my favourite tips to keep shoes tidy:

Set a designated shoe spot.

Choose a hallway, an entryway, or a cupboard that’s specifically for shoes so everyone can find them easily when they need them. Shelves, shoe racks, or baskets are all great ways to neatly organise shoes, but choose the one that you think your family will find the easiest to manage. It’s totally fine to just line them up against a wall at the back door it if you like, as long as they have a spot where they live.

Pack away seasonal or special occasion shoes.

If you have a lot of shoes, just keep the ones out that you regularly wear and pack the good ones for special occasions or the ones for other seasons into boxes with lids and pop them in the garage. You’ll free up space and reduce clutter, making it easier to find and look after the shoes you need right now. Have shoe-free spaces in your home.

It could be “no shoes inside”, or “no shoes in the bedrooms”, whatever works for your family. Having shoe-free spaces can really reduce the amount of dirt that accumulates. Pop a sign up at your front door for guests or make it a family rule that shoes are taken off before entering those spaces.

Check your alternative storage options.

Over-the-door shoe organisers, hanging shoe storage bags, ottomans and under-bed storage containers can all help optimise however much space you have.

Regularly Sort and Donate.

I like to go through our shoes twice a year and donate any that are too small, damaged or just not worn much.

I hope you found these ideas helpful! If you’re ready for next steps in organising your home and life, you might want to check out my popular House & Family Binder. It’s a simple set of prints to help you get organised and run your household without stress and overwhelm.

x Marissa