Monday, November 17, 2014

4 tips to clean your floors easily

My kids are still quite young - 3 and 5 years old - so they spend a LOT of time playing on the floor. 

So I like to make sure our floors are cleaned regularly - less dirt, dust and germs to worry about!

I don't think a house has to be perfect, but I do love the feeling you get when your house is tidy and your floors are clean - I'm less overwhelmed when I don't have a lot of clutter and dust around and my home is more of a haven when I stay on top of the cleaning.

With that in mind, today I'm sharing my 4 quick tips to clean your floors easily! 

If you'd like to know how I keep my floors clean each week, just click the video below to watch:

Here are my 4 tips for easy floor cleaning:

Tip #1: Get motivated. The easiest way for me to actually DO the cleaning is to set a timer and see if I can do it before the timer runs out! I'm very competitive by nature and racing the clock is the simplest way to get me motivated to do any housework!

Just make sure you add an extra 10 minutes to your timer to allow for...

Tip #2: Clear your floors. I like to move my coffee table, dining chairs and anything else on the floor rather than trying to clean around it, for 2 reasons:

a) Because I get a better clean (less dust sticking around the edges of furniture)

b) Because it’s so much easier than trying to manoeuvre my mop around everything - to get around the edges and into nooks & crannies. 

So allow 5 minutes before you clean and five minutes after you clean to move and replace light furniture and anything else on the floor, and the actual cleaning part will be much easier. 

You don't have to take everything out of the room - you can pop your dining chairs on the table if you like, push your coffee table into a corner of the room, and do a general pickup of toys etc in your washing basket or put away box.

Tip #3: Remove large dirt & dust particles before mopping. You can vacuum or sweep first, or you can use a multi purpose tool like this one from Enjo - I use the dust fibre to sweep and the matt fibre to mop. It's SO much better than lugging around a traditional mop and bucket!

This tool is handy because you don't need any chemical cleaning solutions, all you need is water! The fibres remove both dirt and bacteria and the last for up to 3 years. No more buying cleaners every month, no more residue left on your floors, no more worrying about allergies or skin sensitivity, plus ENJO has a great deal - receive a free limited edition green floor cleaner (valued at $99) when you buy and two floor fibres at

Tip #4: Make it a regular part of your cleaning routine. I do this so it never becomes TOO BIG a job! I have a simple system where I clean one or two rooms a day from top to bottom in 4 simple steps (including the floors). It’s much quicker for me to do it this way rather than go through and do all the floors throughout the whole house on one day! And when you use a lightweight cleaning tool like mine that's easy to get out and easy to put away again, it’s no big deal to get it out daily.

So those are my 4 tips to make cleaning your floors easy! What are YOUR tips & tricks? 

What do you use to clean your floors?

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Guilty or Innocent?

I have a fun video for you today - a bit more of a peek into my every day life - and you might be surprised at some of what you see!

It's a Q&A video called the Guilty or Innocent tag, and I basically have to answer a whole bunch of slightly awkward questions that reflect a little on my parenting style and life ;)

It was a lot of fun going through all the questions! 

I was inspired to do this YouTube tag video after watching Dana’s one over here - and thank you to my lovely friend Anna for telling me about Dana’s channel xx

Want to watch? Click below:

Here are the questions I answered:

1. Saying you are letting a dish "soak" when in reality you just don't feel like washing it

2. Restart dryer to avoid folding

3. Hide when eating so you don't have to share with kids

4. Obey the 5 second rule

5. Say it is an hour later, so you can get the kids into bed

6. Rewashing laundry because you forgot to switch it over to the dryer

7. Wiping the dirty spots on the floor with a rag and convincing yourself you "mopped"

8. Ask the hubby to pick up take out/call for take out because you forgot to thaw something

9. Let kids run around in diapers/undies because all their clothes are in laundry

10. Wash dishes by hand because you don't want to unload dishwasher

11. Clean more in 10 minutes before a guest arrives than you have all week

12. Dropping something on floor and instead of cleaning it up call the dog

13. Remove makeup before you go to bed or leave it on 

14. Place blanket over wet spot so you don't have to change sheets in the middle of the night

15. Wear jeans multiple days in a row if they look clean

16. Eat the scraps off your kids plate because you don't have time to make your own meal

17. Eating kids stash of Halloween or Easter candy 

18. Say your child is allergic to something so you don't have to share

19. Put wrinkled shirt back in the dirty clothes even if it is clean so you don't have to iron

20. Procrastinate getting in the shower but then don't want to get out

21. Rehearse arguement in head just "in case"

22. Ignoring text for days then saying "OMG my reply never when through"

23. Snooping in other peoples bathroom cabinets 

24. Turn radio down in car when lost or looking for a number on a house

25. Use perfume flyers that come in magazines

26. Lied about your age 

27. Lied about your childs age to get a better deal

28. Given someone the wrong number on purpose

29. Peed in the shower as an adult: No, definitely not this one for me! But I don't care if my kids do it ;)

Now it's your turn - comment below and tell me some of your guilty or innocent answers! 

And don't forget to share this post with a friend if you want to know her answers too ;)

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Friday, October 31, 2014

How to work from home effectively

Working from home is high on the wish list for a lot of Mums I speak with!

It makes sense to me.. 

Working from home can give you more work / life balance. You can spend more time with your family, you don’t have to commute to work, and you may not have to spend so much time and effort on hair, makeup and clothing! 

Just between you and me, if I’m running low on time but have a video meeting, I’ll put a lot of effort into my outfit from the waist up and then just wear pj pants on the bottom ;)

Did you know?

Working from home also means you can save money on parking, petrol and insurance. Youi car & home insurance offers reduced rates for those who work from home and if you're not driving to work every day you won't need as much fuel, or have to pay for parking - love that!

So yes! I see plenty of benefits working from home. I’ve been doing it myself for a long time now and love it. If there’s any chance you can find a way to work from home, whether you’re running your own business or working for an employer, I highly recommend giving it a go.

But if you’re lucky enough to swing such an arrangement, be careful! There are a few hurdles that show up when you first start working from home and I’ve experienced a lot of them myself.

So today I thought I’d share my tips on how to work from home effectively!

Tip #1: Set up a proper work space. 

Now, you don’t have to have a dedicated office (I don’t), but you do need somewhere designated for when you need to sit down and focus on your work. 

Somewhere you can access everything you need easily (and put it away again easily). 

Thanks to cloud storage, you don’t need big filing cabinets anymore, so you’ll find you don’t need as much space as you think!

Tip #2: Set a basic guideline for how you’ll manage your time. 

Yes, you can be more flexible with your day and spend a bit more time with the kids, do some housework, etc.. but don’t get too easily distracted! 

Use your time productively by creating a simple plan of when you’ll be working, when you’ll be playing, and when you’ll be taking care your home. 

If your work allows it, build your daily work plan around when you’re usually most productive and use the rest of the day for family and life stuff.

Did you know? 
Different people are their most productive at different times of the day. If you’re an early bird, doing an hour of work in the morning before the family gets up might be the time you can get most of your work done. If you’re a night owl (like me), you might find inspiration strikes at 8pm and you get more done in that last couple of hours before bed.

Tip #3: Use simple systems to put some of your work on autopilot. 

You can’t avoid every distraction when you work from home - the kids might need you, there’ll be knocking on the door, and you’ll be stopping starting around school drop off & pick up, grocery runs, and other errands. 

The simplest way to keep your work flowing even when you’re stopping and starting is to have simple systems in place to deal with common requests. 

Batch processing is a great example. Try setting particular times of day just for checking email, listening to voicemail, returning phone calls, posting mail, etc. You’ll get into a rhythm, the time will fly and your To Do list will almost disappear!

Also, if you tend to get emailed the same question over and over again from different people, it’s handy to have a template response ready to go (or a FAQ page if you’re running an online business), so you can save time by not needing to type out the same lengthy response repeatedly.

Did you know? 
Gmail has a ‘canned responses’ feature built in, that lets you save a bunch of template email responses and open them up whenever you need them! I bet other email systems have them too - comment below if you know of another one.

Tip #4: Give yourself an incentive to keep working. 

Even when Ellen is on TV. Especially when someone sends you a cute cat video on YouTube to watch. Once you go down that rabbit hole, you’re pretty much done for the day!

Keep it nice and easy - for every # of hours you work, or # of tasks you compete, you get a little reward. 

Maybe it’s a little break - a cup of tea, a walk outside, time to read a magazine. 
Basically, when you’ve done the work, then you can watch a bit of TV or YouTube (ahem, I know a great channel for busy mums) if that’s what makes your day! 

Just remember, the power comes with using this time as a reward, not using it to procrastinate.

So those are my top tips on how to work from home effectively!

If you found any of them helpful, please share this post with anyone else you think will benefit from it, and if you have any other tips to share, please comment below and let me know!

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