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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Every week..

Every week I spend countless hours..
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • making
  • wiping
  • sweeping
  • tidying
  • decluttering
  • organising
  • washing
  • sorting
  • folding
  • planning
  • brushing
  • smoothing
  • dusting
  • packing
  • unpacking
  • fixing

..and trying to fit all of that in around work and life in general.

But it’s worth it, because I also get to spend lots of time..
  • cuddling
  • snuggling
  • watching
  • laughing
  • kissing
  • smiling
  • chilling
  • helping
  • reading
  • tickling

..and much more.

Totally worth it.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

My first KonMari attempt - How did it go?

Have you read either of Marie Kondo's books yet?

I liked some her decluttering and tidying concepts when I first heard of them but was a bit skeptical of some of her other ideas at first - like the whole folding so everything stands up idea. It just didn't feel right..

I bought The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up on kindle a few months ago.. and never got around to reading it. I completely forgot I even had it!

But then a couple of weeks ago, I was going through my Kindle library, spotted it again and started reading.

It was fantastic! This book simplifies it all - the decluttering method, getting rid of the guilt you feel when decluttering, talking about using storage vs owning less - I could hardly put it down.

So I decided to give it a try and see how I went!

Now, I'm already good at decluttering - I've been doing it for years and helping others do it quickly & easily too.

But even I have to admit - this book made decluttering easy and fun! I would definitely recommend giving it a go :)
Click below to see a quick video showing the results of my first attempt:

Have you tried the KonMari method yet? Let me know what you think of it!

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Quick & Easy: How I fold stockings neatly

If you're sick of your stockings getting tangled in your drawer, or you fold them up fine but wish they looked a bit neater, I have something that will help!

I made a quick video on Facebook (live!) this week showing you how I fold our stockings really neatly, really quickly.

You can check it out below - it goes for just a couple of minutes and you can grab your stockings (or your kids' stockings) and follow along with me!

Let me know if it helped!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to get organised for Fathers Day

Fathers Day this weekend! It seems to sneak up on me every year :)

We like to keep things pretty low key and keep the focus on having a lovely day together, so every year I stick to a simple 3 step plan to get organised for Fathers Day.

The plan really helps the day flow smoothly for us, so the day is less about rushing around trying to cram lots of things in, and more about spending some chilled out time together :)

If you tend to get a bit overwhelmed at special occasions, I definitely recommend simplifying the day and jotting down a simple plan for making it less stressful and more relaxing.

Here are the 3 things I'm focusing on for an organised (and chilled) Fathers Day this year!

1. Breakfast

A lovely cruisy breakfast is my favourite part of any special day! Our kids are 5 & 7 years old and they really don’t sleep in AT ALL, so we still start the day around 6.30am. In everyday life, my husband gets up first and makes a quick breakfast for everyone - usually toast with juice for the kids and with tea or coffee for us. But on Fathers Day, we have pancakes.

I can’t lie - Ben still gets up and makes the pancakes with our youngest, Georgia. I ruin pancakes every time ;)

But I get up a little earlier and bring Ben coffee in bed before the kids come running in!

We totally cheat with our pancakes and go for the shaker bottle - it’s quick and easy and the last thing we want on a special day is extra mess or mucking around with measurements! Then we add bacon & maple syrup, or lemon and sugar for me, and all sit around the table together taking our time with breaky.

2. Gifts

We have gifts down to a fine art in our family - I love my LUSH products and movie vouchers, and Ben’s a big golf player. So Fathers Day will definitely have something golf related along with the cute crafty gift Georgia makes at preschool and the Fathers Day stall present Sophie picks out at school.

If you like to throw in a fun little gift, check out Men’s Gift Store - lots of cool gifts and novelty ones, and they have standard, next day and same delivery options depending on your location, so it’s not too late if you haven’t done your gift shopping yet!

Here are some of my favourite novelty gifts:

Billy Bass Singing Fish: We got this for my Dad years and years ago and it’s still going strong! Love that it sings “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

The NO! Button: He can press it every time the kids ask him to do something on Fathers Day, but you’ll have to instigate a “does not apply to Mum” rule ;)

Punching Bag Laundry Bag: Hey, whatever keeps washing off the floor is a win, and I’m all for equal opportunity laundry responsibility disguised as a fun gift ;)

3. Easy dinner

It might be pizza, nachos, BBQ or fish & chips this year. Whatever we choose, it will be relaxed, fun, and with any luck it won’t involve much washing up!

As you can see, the main focus for us on any special occasion is to simplify, relax and just enjoy the day. No rushing around, no stress, just a laid back day together :)

Your turn! What are you doing for Fathers Day this year?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to speed clean your bathroom

A round up of helpful posts to get you beautifully organised.

I don't know about you, but cleaning the bathroom is my least favourite job around the house!

Luckily for us there are some great ideas out there that make bathroom cleaning much quicker and easier.

This week I've collected a few of my favourite blog posts, articles and videos with tips on quicker and easier bathroom cleaning.

Hope they help you too!

Good Housekeeping


The Organised Housewife

Clean My Space

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P.S. If your bathroom is already sorted but you need a hand staying on top of your laundry, my free online class will help xx

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