Beautifully Organised: What's in my Zero Waste Handbag?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What's in my Zero Waste Handbag?

What's in my Zero Waste Handbag:
  • Keep Cup: I have a tall Thermos style one that's great for keeping tea warm for hours, and a smaller one that fits under coffee machines at cafes.
  • Cutlery Roll: I have 2 sets of knives, forks and spoons that I roll up in a sandwich wrap and put in my handbag so I don't need to use plastic ones (if you don't have a dedicated wrap or roll, a tea towel or hand towel will do)
  • Drink Bottle: I fill it with water when I'm about to go out - and if I'm going somewhere I know I can refill at, I'll only fill it halfway at home so it doesn't make my bag too heavy
  • Hankie: I use one per day and then just throw it in the laundry with my clothes at shower time. I'm still working on converting the kids to hankies too, hopefully soon we'll all have switched!
  • Foldable shopping bag: I use the SAKITOME brand but any will do, or any other light bag you have can be folded and put into your handbag, no need to buy something new

Hope that helps you if you're thinking about trying more sustainable living options on a day to day basis :)

If you have any other ideas for me to include, let me know!

This post shows 2 gifted items (from 5 years ago) - the sandwich wrap and thermo cup from Howards Storage World. This post contains no affiliate links.


  1. Fantastic post. Love these ideas. So easy to do. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all.

  2. How all this fits in your bag?? Or is it not the one on the pic?:)
    I love messenger bags but all I can squeeze in there is a wallet, phone, an apple and few minor hygienic things. Then of course I have cookies, tea and coffee unlimited in my college paper service. If not that I would probably need a huge bag.

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