How to make sure your kids take everything they need to school each day

This week my lovely sister Melodie Johnston joined me LIVE on Facebook to share how her primary school aged kids remember to take everything they need to school every day - no forgetting soccer stuff, library books, etc..

It's really simple and you can try it yourself as soon as tomorrow!

Watch the video for all the details:

Here are the basics:

Mel made up these daily prints with everything the kids need to take to school that day. Both kids are on the same print, with different columns for each, using different coloured headings so the kids can see at a glance which list is for them.

Each day these get posted at the front door and are checked by the kids on the way out to make sure they remember to take everything they need for that day!

Things to remember:
  • Switch them over each night so you have the correct day (and print the day at the tops of each page so it's easy to double check each morning)
  • Don't put them on the back of the door if your door will be open as the kids leave the house - they won't see it! Instead, post it next to the front door
  • Don't panic if they forget something - it's all part of the learning process and is actually a good thing long term- they learn how to problem solve, ask for help, or accept that life goes on even if they forget a soccer ball one Thursday!

Hope you found it helpful :) 

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x Marissa