Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to organise your handbag

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Is your handbag neat and ordered... or is it a mess inside?
  • When your phone rings, are you able to find it, get it out and answer it in time?
  • When you pay for your parking, can you find your ticket easily?
An organised handbag can make your day so much easier:
  • You'll stop wasting time rifling through it to find what you need
  • You won't have to empty it out on a counter / table / desk any more just to see through the clutter
  • You'll have everything you need at the tip of your fingers (which gives a great impression if anyone asks you for a pen / mint / tissue!)
  • You'll save money on bills (ok, this might be just me - I used to throw my bills into my handbag, completely forget they were in there, and then get charged overdue fees when my bills went unpaid..)
If a neat and functional handbag is on your wishlist, here's what you need to do:
  1. Grab your handbag & a rubbish bag and find a large clear surface (bed, table, floor)
  2. Take everything out of your bag, one piece at a time (don't just tip it out)
  3. Sort items as you go ("keep in bag" / "don't keep in bag") throwing out any rubbish immediately
  4. Put anything that shouldn't be in your bag away where it actually belongs
  5. Put everything else back neatly into your bag, paying attention to any pockets or compartments you may have available. Assign everything (even the tiny things) a home and get into the habit of returning it to that place after you use it.
Done! Your handbag is now neat and tidy (and you'll be able to answer your phone before it goes to voice mail :)

Next Steps: If you are looking to take your handbag organisation a step further, take a look at these great handbag organisers:

Borne Naked (this is the one I use)
Brag Bags

Howards Storage World

I won my Borne Naked liner and loved it so much I bought a second :) I don't own any of the others, but I am dying to try them out! 

What does your handbag look like at the moment? Do you like to just throw everything in and hope for the best, or do you prefer everything in it to have a place?



  1. My handbag is endless, I once found a bottle of wine that I had been carrying around for ages! I also have several pieces of cutlery that are rather annoying when I have to fly. I am also guilty of finding old food.
    I could never give up my big handbag. I think it makes me look slim. You have inspired me to give it a bit of a cleanout.

  2. I so need to organise my handbag. I like the looks of some of those organisers. The handbag I use most actually has compartments, but I've worn it out, so all the compartments are ripped and everything gets lost. Hmmm, a handbag organiser might just have to go on my Christmas wish list.

  3. Lady Daa Doo: I can't fit wine in my handbag but it's certainly seen it's fair share of chocolate! I like to make sure my handbag is just long enough to cover my slightly-too-cuddly tummy ;)

  4. Debbie @ Aspiring Mum: I've had that happen before too! I took the time to put everything in compartments, then when I reached in to grab a pen, almost everything had fallen through a big hole in the lining of my bag! I love that with a handbag organiser I can also just change bags in 5 seconds instead of spending 10 minutes taking everything out and putting it in the new bag - I just lift out the organiser and pop it in the new one :)

  5. Great post, I generally have quite dis-handbag organizer but I do also carry round a measuring instrument and a listing of measurements of varied nooks and crannies of my house just in case} I come across the right thing on my travels, glad I'm not the sole one!