Organised Living: Family Command Centre

A Family Command Centre is a place to keep everything you use to run your household. Routines, checklists, school stuff, mail holder, go zone, calendar, notice board - anything that helps you keep track of everyday life.

Having a Family Command Centre will help you automate all the little jobs that, if forgotten, can turn into big headaches - think menu planning, bill paying, week planning, school paperwork, assigning chores, remembering birthday shopping..

There are a number or different ways you can organise this space in your home, but keep 2 things in mind:
  1. It has to be given a permanent home so that you and your family get into the habit of using it and checking it every single day
  2. The way you design it needs to suit your work style and the amount of space you have availble, so you are more likely to use it
A few great examples:

Pinned Image
tucked neatly into a file box
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In a binder
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On the side of the fridge
Pinned Image
personalised bags and blackboard
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Great use of space and colour

 I love all of these, so many great ideas! You can see more on my Family Command Centre Pinterest Board.

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