Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to like cleaning

Today I'm linking up with Tina Gray's  Piquing my Pinterest: It's where we blog about our favourite Pinterest pins from the past week. If you want to know more about Pinterest, you can check out my profile here - and if you need an invite, email me at marissa@beautifullyorganised and I'll send you one :) 

My theme this week is cleaning!

Here's the thing: I LOVE to organise, but I don't love to clean. I usually delegate cleaning to my husband! But when I have to do it, I surround myself with things that make cleaning easier and so much more enjoyable:

Here are my favourite cleaning pins for the week:

Simple and pretty - love it
Simple & Pretty Weekly Cleaning Checklist

pretty apron makes any boring household job easier
A pretty apron makes any job more fun

House keeper's box - keep what you need together and easy to access
House keeper's box: functional and cute

Just Add Water System (JAWS): LOVE this product & refill cartridges

You can see more on my How To Like Cleaning Pinterest board, and to check out other great Pinterest posts this week, click on Tina's button below!

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  • I received a complimentary sample of the JAWS cleaning system to review. My favourite of the 3 products is the Multi Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser :)


  1. I like cleaning...I have a cleaner!! I have had back surgery so find it hard to do the floors and bathrooms. I do enjoy the rest though, love my laundry...the sence of achievement at fresh clean clothes and a empty dirty clothes basket makes me smile...Im easily pleased :)

  2. You summed me up perfectly. I LOVE to organise but I HATE to clean. I would go without {enter something I love here} to be able to afford a regular cleaner. Thanks for linking up this week x

  3. Thanks for featuring my cleaning lists :)

  4. i am one of those too - organised but not a good housekeeper. thank you for that first pin - i have never seen anyone do checklists that were actually realistic - usually sites with lists have 85 things on them. have pinned it to my household management board

  5. Another inspiring post from you Marissa :D
    This is Piquing My Pinterest

  6. I'm the same - love to organize but hate to clean. Some great pins there.

  7. I am a housewife so i figure, it's my job to do the cleaning, i may as well enjoy it. I steam everything, including the finger prints off the hall walls. I didn't disinfect the children's toys weekly though. Love Posie