How to get your family to help around the house

When Mum becomes the default cleaner in the house, our role changes from mother to servant. 

That’s not what we’re here for! 

Sharing the workload helps you (less burnout and more free time), helps your partner (they become more confident less fumbly about it) and helps your kids (they learn skills they need for life and they act way less entitled and back chatty)/

So having the whole family help around the house is a GOOD thing for everyone, but HOW do you get them to actually help?!?

Here’s what works for me:

  • Stop tidying up for them. Seriously, stop doing it and they’ll stop expecting it.
  • Ask for specific help with a timeframe. “Name, would you please put the bathroom towels on to wash before dinner?”
  • Role model making it more enjoyable so they see its not horrible (tips here at how to like cleaning)
  • Make tidy up time part of the day - e.g every one tidies the lounge room and their bedroom before bed / reading time
  • Do it together - One of the kids can help you cook dinner AND wash dished as you go! You get to spend time together and ashore the workload at the same time
  • Add a put away basket to every room for easier tidying. We talk about this more on the free online workshop - it’s a life changer
  • Use “When and then” when the kids ask you for anything. “Sure honey, once you hang your wet washing I can drive you to the shops”
  • Play to their strengths. If one kid likes vacuuming and the other likes doing the dishes, go for it!
  • Make it easier for them. We switched from a heavy vacuum cleaner with a cord  to a light stick vacuum and the kids have no problem using it (and don’t complain about it anymore).
  • Put a bin in their bedroom. It’s way easier for them to keep it clean that way.
  • Go away at least once a year for a weekend to relax and let the rest of the family fend for themselves. Don’t do any laundry before you go. Don’t grocery shop. Don’t make meals and freeze them. Don’t clean it up yourself when you get home. Let the rest of your family discover what it takes to keep a household running smoothly so they understand why you expect everyone to pitch in!

I’d love to know your tips for getting the family to help out around the house. Join us on Facebook and let me know!

x Marissa