How to Organise Toys

How do you organise your kids' toys?

I like to have everything sorted so the kids can find each toy themselves when they want them, it's a great way of promoting independence - which frees me up a bit to do my own thing ;)

I also like storage solutions that make it easy for my 2 yr old Sophie to help put away her toys neatly.

Here are the storage solutions that work best in our house at the moment:

Sophie's bedroom - white bookcase with foldable coloured boxes  (both from Go Lo). 
So quick to throw the the toys into when packing up and they look so bright, cheery  and tidy!

Pencil cases used to store small toys - great for holding flash cards, dominos and paper dolls.

Using the same coloured box idea on the bookshelf in the playroom.

Small box shelves for toy dishes, little people, letter blocks etc.
We use coloured tile mats to define the play area and store toys around the mats.

That's how we do it at our house :)

Here are some other cute ideas I found on Pinterest that I'll be trying in the future!
Organised Barbies
Barbie Storage from Pinterest

Art Supplies turntable
Art Tray from the Just a Girl Blog

Lego Storage from I Heart Organizing - sorted into colours!

Check out my Pinterest Board on Toy Organising for more great ideas, including a beautiful solution for storing board games :)

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