How To Organise Your Planner / Diary

Even though technology is so accessible, so handy and so simple to use these days, I know a lot of us still love the idea of using a paper based planner or diary.

One thing that frustrates me about them is how messy mine can look when my plans change and I have to cross out and rewrite my appointments and To Do's.

When I'm busy , I like to keep things simple and effective and these 2 tricks with post-its work wonders :)

Watch the video below to see my simple post it technique for planning:

Here are a few of my favourite planners if you're looking for one for yourself:

Erin Condren Customisable Life Planner

Adore Home Magazine Daily Planner

Kikki K Leather Time Planner

..and I'd love to know - how do YOU organise your planner?

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