Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Organise your paperwork easily with Paper Flow

Paper Flow
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How do your handle your paper work?

  • Do you have a system that keeps you on track with filing, bill payments and tax records?
  • Can you find important documents, prescriptions or passports when you need them?
  • Where does your incoming mail go after you bring it in from the letterbox?
If you find getting on top of your paperwork a struggle, you are certainly not alone. Since publishing this post, I get more and more emails every week from readers who feel buried beneath their paper! In many cases, getting on top of it all has become to difficult and time consuming - and as a result, sorting it out gets put off week after week, month after month, it because it's become too big a job too handle.

If you're looking for help getting your paperwork under control, I can recommend a book that will help you straight away.

Best selling, award winning Paper Flow - your ultimate guide to making paperwork easy is a beautiful book that guides you through organising your paperwork in a way that's easy to follow in real life. It shows you how to get rid of your paper piles and put a system in place to deal with your papers as they come in. It also teaches you how to to handle electronic files and email - so important as today more and more information is being sent and received online.

Since I started working with this book a couple of months ago I've seen a real transformation in how I handle my own paperwork - I was always a girl who loved a good filing system, and this book showed me this was just the beginning. I have now learnt how to set up my home office - no matter how little room I have or where I need to work - so I can handle it more efficiently and deal with my paperwork in just a few minutes a week instead of every night.

Paper Flow won an award for being the Best Small Business Book 2012 and is getting great feedback from real people here. I got such a good result from it that it's definitely the book I recommend to help you get your paper under control. There's even a 28 day challenge you can take part in that works in conjunction with the book - great motivation to get in there and start sorting your paper out!

You can buy a copy of Paper Flow here directly from the official website, or here using my affiliate link with Book Depository - they have free shipping worldwide!


Want to win a copy of the Paper Flow book? I have one to give away!

To enter, just comment on this blog post and tell me where you currently keep your paperwork (box, folder, file, other?) and how you think owning Paper Flow will help you!

You have until midnight (Sydney time), Saturday, July 28, 2012 to enter, and I'll announce the winner here on the blog shortly after.

Don't forget the fine print:

  • Prize to be shipped within Australia
  • It's a game of skill so I'm looking for a thoughtful, well considered answer
  • Make sure you leave me a way to get in contact with you if you win - email address, Twitter / FB details, etc. Post your contact details here in comments or email them privately to me at

Don't forget to check out the Paper Flow Facebook page and the Paper Flow 28 Day Challenge group on Facebook for even more support as you go!



  • Image taken with permission from the Paper Flow website
  • I'm a proud affiliate of the Book Depository, which means if you purchase via my link I receive a couple of dollars as commission. I use the money to help run Beautifully Organised, so if you purchased, thank you for supporting us!
  • I  was sent a complimentary copy of Paper Flow when I asked if I could read and review it for Beautifully Organised and am so grateful to have received it as it’s helped me so much!


  1. haha My husband was just whinging about how messy our kitchen table is.. currently our dumping ground for bills, paperwork, kids stuff, my computer and currently hubby's work stuff... and about once a month it gets cleared and sorted and we can have 1 family meal on it.. before it's back to being the dumping ground again. We even moved into the lounge so it would be used as a table to eat at not the dumping ground. It hasn't worked.

  2. I currently run a business from home, and every financial year I am finding new ways to organise my paper work (all currently between a disorganised filing cabinet, piles in a drawer, and piles in a box). If I had a book like this, I might be able to figure out how to manage this better and more effectively. When it comes to my own paperwork, there are just no words to describe the chaos (ie all over the place on my office desk, kitchen bench and coffee table). Every bit of advise, tips will help me organise all of my paper work much better :)

  3. I so need this! Only yesterday did I decide to tackle what should be an organised filing system, trying to find my sons birth certificate for his school enrolment. Instead of a simple task this turned into an hour an a half of sorting, chucking, and hoping, before finally finding that one little piece of paper. At the moment incoming letters/bills etc get put on the kitchen table, computer table, book case, then when I tidy up into a box that seems to get fuller and fuller.

  4. um whenever they get dumped ... :/

  5. My paperwork is in 2 trays, 2 drawers of a filing cabinet, and stacked on top of the filing cabinet... plus the fridge. My partner is hoping i will sort the filing out and give him back his room!

  6. paper work what is that?? oh you mean letters and bills? umm the ones that get opened i think are on the book case or computer desk! ... yep i am hopless lol so this book has my name all over it

  7. My paperwork is in a drawer in the kitchen, a box in the bedroom, my handbag and I'll probably think of a few more places. I think this would be great because it would make me keep my paperwork in the same place which would be great!

  8. About once I year I try, and I mean try, to tackle all my paperwork and memorabilia I've collected throughout the year. The dining table is my dumping ground for mail, it piles up there and then when we decide we are going to eat as a family again, it gets picked up and dumped on one of the trestle tables in my workshop. THEN when I have people over to workshop, the piles get dumped hurriedly into a plastic crate and moved behind the scenes until I have some time to go through it again. Last night I had to go through it, I needed to find my cheque book to make a deposit for a trip my daughter wants to go on, they only take cheque payments. Well first I had to clear the trestle tables (I have 4) of what was on it, to then get one of the crates from 'behind the scenes' to sort that into piles and hopefully find my cheque book. It wasn't there, but I have a pile with most of my tax paperwork ready! AND it also paved the way for me to get closer to my 'real' desk that's 'behind the scenes' and finally find my cheque book in a tray I'd set up last August (and labelled) for the business that cheque book belongs to! This took me about 2.5 hours to do! I would be grateful for any assistance... this books sounds perfect!

  9. I feel like my home is slowly getting organised. Most organisational ideas I implement seem to do well...except for in the paperwork department. I have failed miserably...over and over again. There's the filing cabinet that is perhaps the best of the lot (and its very random), two in-trays which I am considering renaming 'procrastination trays' and another miscellaneous pile growing daily by our computer. Here's the real kicker, I decided that I was going to implement a folder/s system for my personal stuff. I went out and purchased six new folders, labelled a few, put some relevant stuff in them, found a shelf in the valuable real estate of my pantry and now... most of those folders are currently empty and none have been even opened for about six months. I would love a copy of this book to cure me of my paperwork insanity. Katrina F

  10. My bills get opened and promptly stuck, up on my fridge, til I’m outa luck,
    Unpaid bills are really no fun, making me want to hide…… or run!

    So getting organised, bought a special folder, putting them in order before I get older.
    Once all paid, I have to admit, on the top of my filing cabinet, they will sit!

    Then hubby does filing, that’s been there a while, Glaring at me over the top of the pile!
    He tries so hard to put it in the right spot, So I think this awesome book may help us a lot!!

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

    renaearmstrong at bigpond dot com

  11. Paperwork is the bane of my life. I loathe it. It has been the subject of many heated arguments and was the main reason for 7 years without lodging a tax return. My absent-minded, ADD husband leaves piles of papers in various locations around the house, which seem to get stolen by the underpants gnomes. Any papers I find are jettisoned into the filing cabinet equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. I should stick a warning on it - Abandon Hope all Ye Who Enter Here.

    Could this book be my salvation, save my marriage, save my sanity, locate ancient paperwork from 2001 and put an end to the evil regime of the underpants gnomes? Signed Paper Clog

  12. In the second drawer of my computer desk. No particular reason why except that its close to where I open up my mail

  13. My 'home' paperwork organisation is pretty good. I aim to handle each piece of paper only once, therefore if I don't have time to deal with the consequences of opening the mail, (eg filing into 'unpaid bills' folder) I leave the mail unopened. I'm influenced by the GTD system (Getting Things Done - sorry, author has slipped my mind) around organising things into folders, lists of projects, and most importantly 'next actions'. This is all very well at home, but I'm about to be tested as I start a new job on Monday in uncharted territory where I will be responsible for working completely independently and managing a project. I may need a bit more help, and this book sounds just great! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  14. I've been keeping it in Marbig A4 boxes that have a metal clamp inside. So far it's kept it in one place but why I would love to win this prize is to teach me what is important to keep and how best to organise it.

  15. A pile of bills there - receipts (who knows where)
    GST is in a heap - correspondence you can leap
    The dinner table's an ancient dig - the paperwork's far too big
    Where is the invoice for that job - the order for that mob?
    I'm a great tradie I know it's true but paperwork I just can't do
    Until I unclog the mess I'm in - Paper Flow - where have you been?

  16. I do have a filing cabinet but not a lot of the paperwork gets into it most is spread all over the office carpet. Typical of my filing style is the fact that a Huntsman spider once moved into my BAS files and had 100s of babies in my papers. No wonder I hate paperwork!

  17. Who knew nappy boxes would be so useful. My poor two year old has boxes stacked high in his bedroom filled with paperwork. I'm not sure which is growing faster - my son or the pile. Now we have another baby on the way in a two bedroom unit, so either the paperwork or my 2 year old has to go!!!
    Thanks Marissa for a great comp and an awesome website!

  18. And the winner is...

    Congratulations to Lynne Baillie! Your comment about looking for your chequebook made me feel like we were right there together in an organising session, getting to the heart of exactly what you needed help with! Keep an eye on your email inbox for a note from me - Enjoy the book,and let me know your paperwork goes after you read it :)

    I also want to say thanks to everyone who entered the give away - and extra hugs to you all for being so patient with my delay announcing the winner, due to my horrible cold last week (thanks again for all of your well wishes!).

    To show my appreciation, I'd love to offer everyone who entered this give away a 50% discount on my virtual organising package until August 31, 2012 (Sydney, Australia time).

    If you want to take up this offer (or read a bit more about it first), just click on the "Work with Marissa" tab at the top of this page & it will take you straight there.

    To grab your discount - type the word PAPER into the discount box on the checkout page :)

    Thanks again everyone!

    x Marissa