Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to organise your Tupperware

Welcome to today's Easy Way Q&A..

This week Kat asks an excellent question (thanks Kat!):

How do you store Tupperware? Mine's always in a mess!

Great question! Here's how I do it: 

Id love to know how YOU store your Tupperware, so please comment below and tell me!

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Today's video is not sponsored, everything was purchased by me :)

The lunch boxes can be found at Kmart, and the basket is from Howard's Storage World.


  1. The idea for putting round & square lids in different coloured containers is great !

  2. Hi Marissa, I too love the idea of round seals in one container, square in the other. After watching your video I have realised that I probably have TOO much tupperware (ex-demonstator) but I am always on top of it so I can find what I want. I store seals inside other containers, and I store like items together (ie baking equipment, fridge/leftover storage, lunchboxes etc. This is probably the thing that keeps my tupperware at its neatest!

  3. All my plastics go into three drawers (there's a fair bit with four kids) and I have to have lids on - tried to go lids off but it just didn't work - too many people going through the drawers and lids would often get picked up for painting, racetrack, frisbees etc lol! When they are all matched up I don't get frustrated when I'm making lunches as I think the lids tend to go off an party with missing socks and forget to take me with them ;)
    Mr 10yr old is the dishwasher guy around here, so items can be thrown in and once a week or so, I'll put stray's together. The odd items go in the bottom drawer and matched up later.
    The musty factor can come from using a dishwasher, all our plastics tend to go on the draining rack to air dry, then put away a few hours later. A really gusty cotton or micro fibre teatowel will sort the issue if you do prefer lids on :)
    Love the shelf basket.