How to organise your jewellery

How do you store your jewellery?

I thought I had the perfect system. I took all of my gorgeous jewellery boxes and had them placed prettily on a turntable in my wardrobe, so I could turn the display around and select my jewellery without having to reach into the back of my wardrobe:

It looked great! But I couldn't maintain it easily. Every time I wanted to take out a piece of jewellery, the lovely tidy display became more like this:

Most often, I didn't have time (or couldn't be bothered) to tidy it up again immediately, so it looked like that pretty much all the time.

 I needed a new idea.

I took a trip to Howards Storage World, armed with a gift voucher I got for my birthday (thank you Husband!), and scoped out their jewellery storage ideas. This was my favourite: The Stackable Jewellery organiser You buy each tray separately and customise it to suit your jewellery collection. Here are the trays I picked and how I sorted my jewellery into them:

And here is the finished project: All stacked together neatly! Simple, beautiful and functional.

I made sure to keep the rest of the shelf clutter free, so now when I need to open the stacker, I have enough room to place the trays next to each other and take out what I need for the day.

 What do you think? You can buy the jewellery stacker in store at Howards, or online here. Prices for the range start at around $9 for the lid, and from memory went to around $35 for the larger trays.

You can also find a version of the stacker at Aldi sometimes - it's a bit cheaper because you buy it all in one go. Just be careful, because you can't customise it, so you need to make sure you won't be wasting space by not using some of the trays (that's why I went with Howards.. that and my gift card).

I have a few other jewellery storage ideas on Pinterest if you need more inspiration. This weekend, I dare you to organise your jewellery too, or, if you already have, post a comment below and tell me how you organise your collection :)



  • This post is not sponsored, and all products were bought with my own money (and my birthday gift card). But if Howards ever offers, yep - I'd work with them in a second because I LOVE that shop :)