How to organise your laundry sink cupboard

Does your laundry sink look like this?

Would you like it to look more like this?

I've used a couple of great products here and some basic organising tricks to get rid of my laundry sink cupboard clutter and give clear, easy access to everything I need when I'm washing and cleaning.

Products (both from Aldi)

Expandable Under Sink Shelf: This shelf really works for any cupboard you have sitting under a sink because you can adjust the shelving to fit around the sink pipes. As you can see above, I was able to fill the whole area under the sink - there's no wasted space at all and I can access everything easily (which also means its easy to put things away again - so I'm more likely to do it).

Housekeeper's Box: Shelves are great but in my laundry cupboard, there are a lot of little things that won't sit neatly on them - sponges, dust cloths, cleaning wipes, etc. The easiest way to store things like this is to contain them in something that's still easy to access. This housekeeper's box fits all those bits and pieces and has a handle, making it easy to take out and carry with me from room to room when I'm cleaning.

If you're looking for products like these they are pretty easy to find. Aldi only stocks them occasionally but if you keep an eye out in their catalogues on or their iPhone app (Thanks to Blair for telling me about the app!) you can see when they have them in stock.

After a quick Google search I also found an expandable shelf at LifeSpace here and Howards Storage World here, and a Housekeeper's Box at Howards Storage World here.

Now it's your turn! How have YOU organised your laundry sink cupboard? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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