Real life organising - kids rooms

Are you organising your kids bedroom for Neat & Tidy this month?

I'm loving the organising ideas sent in by Julie from NSW - top row is for a boy and bottom row is a girl's room:

I think these ideas are fantastic:
  • Middle of desks lift to show mirror and storage space underneath - great for homework, diary, makeup or electronics
  • Underbed storage with wheels & lids for easy access to most used toys and books - easy for the kids to pack away as well - I hear you can pick these up at Bunnings for under $8 at the moment!
  • Baskets under desks for school socks or hair accessories - no rummaging around in drawers but still easy to access and keep tidy
  • laminated picture chart with morning 'get ready' tasks - keeps the kids moving in the morning, and protects the desk when drinks and food are taken in to the room
Lots of clever ideas here - simple & inexpensive to do and so effective!

Thanks for sending in your pics Julie :)

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