One of my favourite organising tips for women

I’m going to share with you one of my most effective organising methods for women - and the best part is, it’s not hard work.

It’s actually so enjoyable you’ll have no problem making it a habit and doing it regularly.

What’s my method? Keeping it pretty.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? That’s why it works.

It’s natural to want to spend time around beautiful things. Think about how nice it feels to drink your tea out of a pretty mug. How great you feel after a haircut and colour. How relaxing your bath is when you add candlelight and bubbles..

These may seem like little things, but the positive effect they have is unquestionable. So I like to take the ‘pretty’ factor and use it to get my clients (and myself) organised!

One of my favourite ways to do this is with gorgeous stationery.

Anyone who feels that little delight in using clean, fresh new notepaper will understand where I’m coming from here. There’s nothing like beautiful paper to encourage you to start planning and writing down everything from your daily To Do list, to those party invitations you’ve been meaning to send for ages ;)

That’s the secret - finding a way to make it pretty will change the things you should be doing, into things you can’t wait to do.

You can use beautiful stationery to get on top of every day things like:

  • your weekly cleaning schedule
  • menu planning
  • grocery lists
  • to do lists
  • your family schedule
  • everything else you come across during the day and think “I need to remember that” - just write it down on pretty paper and I guarantee you’ll be looking at it again and again!

Then there’s the things you “really need to do when you get a chance”, like:
  • letters to family and loved ones - you know, the ones who don’t use Facebook..
  • invitations and thank you notes - for babies, birthdays, weddings & anniversaries..
  • we’ve moved notice cards - something we all want to do but never seem to get to..
  • recipes - take those scrap pieces of paper and write them out on beautiful, easy to access notecards, and they’ll never go missing again!

So stationery will get you organised, but how many of you will take time out of your hectic day to go out shopping and find some pretty stationery just for you, to take home and use every day?

I thought so. Well, lucky you have me ;)

Here’s my favourite, and you don’t have to leave your computer to get it.

I LOVE these notepaper and note card designs from Ellis Benson. Plus, you can up the pretty factor with them - they also do personalised stationery. Beautiful.

Their website is lovely - they even have an ideas page with amazing gift suggestions. This is a big win for me because combining tasks (different from multi-tasking) is something I recommend to my clients - so while you are purchasing for yourself, think about gifts for birthdays & special occasions coming up and cover all of those needs at the same time:

  • beautiful notepaper - for your friend that loves to write
  • baby shower cards - guests can write their ‘new baby’ tips for the mum to be and collect them all in a simple, pretty box as a gift (or bridal shower and marriage tips!)
  • birth announcement cards - ready for you (or a pregnant friend) to write when bub is born
  • recipe cards - share a family recipe as a gift by writing it on a beautiful card and giving it with the ingredients!

Most importantly..

Owning beautiful personalised stationery will be your way of rewarding yourself for working hard at getting  everything in your life running smoothly. Being organised takes time and effort! Treat yourself to something pretty that will also help you in the long run - you’ll be happy you did and motivated to keep living organised :)

Guess What! The lovelies at Ellis Benson are currently offering a 20% discount for Beautifully Organised readers! Just use the code ORGANISE at checkout to apply your discount - it's valid from June 6 to June 13.

Pop over to Ellis Benson and have a play personalising your own stationery - you will love the different pictures, fonts and colours to choose from.

Then come back here and share which ones you liked the most and how you will use it to help get you organised!

I came across Ellis Benson a while ago - I was searching for beautiful stationary to purchase online and their designs took my breath away. When I asked if I could share their beautiful products and if they would like to sponsor the post they were happy to do so and have been wonderful to work with :) 
These products are now on my standard gift-giving list for friends, and I have my own wish list of personalised stationary desires from them that I'm sure will grow and grow!