How to organise your kids art & craft supplies

Welcome to today's Easy Way Q&A..

This week Sarah asks a really great question (thanks Sarah!):

How do you keep your kids craft/ art supplies organised? And how do you organise your time to do activities with them? At the moment I just use two big plastic containers.

Great question! Here's how I do it:


So what about organising your time to do activities with your kids?

Yes, I have a couple of little tricks up my sleeve for this!
  • Book in the time: Pick the same day every week and set aside an hour, including time to set up and pack up. Soph and I usually do 2pm - 3pm on a Monday while the baby naps. After a couple of weeks you'll do it on autopilot.
  • Work one of your tasks for the day into art & craft time: Got any writing, filing, diary updating to do? Now's the time to do it - you'll be spending time 'crafting' with your little ones but also getting something done on your to do list.
  • Try the Jo Frost 'Play & Walk Away Technique: Set it up and spend 10 mins crafting with the kids, then say you have a quick job to do and will be back in a minute and for them to keep going. Go and do whatever housework / job you need to get done and have a quick check in whenever you like. As long as you are confident they are safe, there's  nothing wrong with teaching your children to do things by themselves with Mum or Dad nearby if they need them (it will free you up too!)

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That's it for today! 

Remember my top 3 tips for storing art & craft supplies - whatever you store them in, make sure it's:

  • Easy to get things out & put things back
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Easy to replace supplies
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