Friday, June 15, 2012

How to store your every day beauty products

Welcome to my new video series! It's called The Easy Way Q&A.

Every Friday I'll post a video answering a question on how to be more organised by finding an easier way to do things - based on questions I receive from you.

Today's topic is how to store your evey day beauty products - so you're more likely to use them!

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Have a great weekend,



  1. Nice idea Marissa! Like the basket. I'm a shoker at keeping up with this type of stuff. However I've recently discovered the wonders of Rose Hip oil. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Simple and my skin is feeling fabulous.

  2. Love the video :)
    Especially having a basket with an easy grab basket - I have NO storage in my bathroom and if something's left out - Miss 6 tends to experiment lol!