Organisers at home - 1 room, 2 ways

Have you ever wondered:
  • What the inside of an organiser’s house looks like?
  • Whether organisers use the same tricks and tips as each other at home?

Today I’m giving you a sneak peek into not one, but TWO organisers’ homes!

Meet Allison from Utterly Organised - I love reading her blog and seeing her style of organising, so I was thrilled when she agreed to do this project with me :)

We thought it would be fun to take a peek into each others homes and compare how we organise the same space!

So a couple of weeks ago we decided to compare linen cupboards, and each of us took photos of our cupboards to compare and share on our blogs.

Want to see?

Here’s mine:

Here’s Allison’s:

I know - gorgeous! I’m in love with her baskets :)

So let’s get into the details:

What do our organising styles have in common?

  1. We both contain things using storage products: Whether you use baskets, boxes or bags, containing your belongings gives your space a tidy, organised appearance and makes it easy to reach everything in your cupboard without having to rifle through it and mess it up
  2. We both group ‘like items’ together: Keeping similar items together really helps - it’s easy to see what you have (how many towels, soaps, etc) so you save money by not double purchasing, and it’s easy for everyone to keep the space tidy because everything has a home it belongs in.
  3. We both use labels: The most important part of organising to me is labelling where things are kept - drawers, shelves, cupboards, boxes - everything! When your space is clearly labelled you can put things away fast - and never lose them again! Plus you can train your family to put things away too - no more “I didn’t know where to put it” excuses ;)

What do we do differently from each other?

Design: Allison clearly has a knack for creating gorgeous things - you can see how pretty her labels are, and the continuity of the storage baskets - all the same style - are just beautiful look at. There’s a big advantage to having organising systems that are lovely to look at - you’re more likely to look after them :)

I on the other hand, don’t have any natural design talent. I LOVE pretty things -  I just can’t make them easily myself. It takes me forever and I never end up with exactly what I picture, so I’m better off outsourcing design or keeping it simple.

At the moment my linen cupboard is all about keeping upkeep to an absolute minimum - baby Georgia is a crawling machine and gets into it as soon as my back is turned! So I keep the things I use most (everyday beauty products, hair tools, etc) up high where I can reach them quickly & easily but Georgia can’t, and on the lower shelves I keep our ‘grab & go’ stuff like our swimming bags (towels & swimmers for Saturday lessons) and outside bag (picnic blanket, hats, frisbee, ball, etc for when I take the girls to the park or even just out in the backyard). My labels are DYMO ones - quick to print out and easy to read.

I am excited about giving it a bit of a make over one day - matching baskets, gorgeous handmade labels - so when I do I’ll keep you posted! But for now, quick & easy is the key and I would take forever to change it all ;)

So that’s how we do it!

Big thanks to Allison for letting us peek into her cupboard - make sure you check out Utterly Organised for some other top organising ideas!