Small Change, Big Benefit: Organised Remotes

Our remote situation was getting out of control at our house!

Now that baby Georgia is standing and maneuvering her way around the lounges, our remotes started... disappearing!

..Ok I'll admit it, sometimes I just forgot where I put them as well ;)

You know how I feel about everything needing a proper home? Well, for us, the remotes just kept slipping under the radar - I did assign a coffee table, but it wasn't working, they were just thrown on there and then hidden under catalogues, magazines, etc.

So I found this at Howards Storage World:

I've seen these online before and liked them, but never really thought to get one myself.

Well, I was missing out - the very first day I put this on the table, it changed everything. It's almost like the remotes are too easy to put away now ;)

You know what I love most? The fact that my iPhone fits in it - so handy for me, but hard for baby Georgia to get it out - yep, she's 1 and somehow figured out how to swipe the phone screen open. I blame Sophie... ok it's probably from watching me with it all the time ;)

So, in short - LOVE it!

If you're looking for a remote control caddy and you like the look of this one, you can find it here - and while you're on the website, check out the brand new catalogue!

I'd love to know of any small changes you've made to your house that have had a BIG benefit! Pop over to Facebook and leave a comment :)



Howards was kind enough to provide me with a gift certificate at the end of last month for upcoming projects I had planned around the house (thank you Howards!). I hadn't even thought of using it for a remote control caddy until I laid eyes on this one - but I'm so glad I saw it, it's made such a great change!