Why I got organised

Today I want to share with you a bit more detail about why I do what I do.

Motherhood is wonderful  - I LOVE being a Mum. There’s nothing like watching this little person you made grow & discover the world! So many joyful moments to share, and every day brings more incredible moments you’ll remember and cherish forever.

But one thing I never thought about until I became a Mum was how to handle the everyday, non-stop busy-ness of life with a child (or children!).

Becoming a mother brings HUGE change to your life - suddenly you’re running on much less sleep, with more responsibility, heaps more to do and absolutely no free time - it really is a 24hr job!

When I had my first child I was shocked at how hard even the simplest things were to do - there were days I couldn’t find time to brush my hair, let alone clean the house, cook dinner, or shop for groceries!

My To Do List became Too Hard To Do and everything completely went out the window - plus I couldn’t even start to imagine how I could possibly go back to working full time when it took 2 hours (minimum) just to get ready to leave the house in the morning!

Add to that the physical changes my body went through, the fact that I was now “Sophie’s Mum’ (not ME anymore), and the general crankiness I felt because I wasn’t living up to what I thought a “good” mother should be - and here I was, thrilled with my daughter but miserable with everything else.

When I looked at other mums around me (ones with nice hair & wrinkle free clothes), I couldn’t figure out how they managed to handle it all - was it just me?

The reason I’m telling you this is that I’ve since found out I’m not the only Mum who has felt like that. In fact, at some point in the whole motherhood journey - most of us do.

It’s perfectly normal for motherhood to feel hard - even when it’s great. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like you wish some parts of it weren’t so difficult.

The trick is to find ways to make it easier - kind of like motherhood hacks - little shortcuts that make parts of being a mum MUCH simpler, faster, or more enjoyable.

That’s why I created the Make Life Easy Workshop for busy mums.

After I got over my initial motherhood overwhelm, I took all the things I had learned in my corporate training career, plus my 10 years experience in organising, and put it all together - along with some amazing tips & tricks the mums in my family had been using themselves for years.
The result is my 6 week easy to follow, simple to do system that makes motherhood & life a LOT easier every day.

When you join the Make Life Easy Workshop you get access to all the simple methods I use to simplify & supercharge the things you do as a mum.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Take the idea of being the “perfect” mother and change it into something that suits YOU & your family, cutting out stress
  • Make your To Do Lists heaps easier & way more effective so you can actually do them
  • Find ways to get things done even when your kids are with you - no matter how old they are
  • Rework your finances so you & your partner don’t argue over money anymore
  • Find some time just for YOU, so you can recharge and be at your best, every day
  • Get everything into place for an easy future, with a household and family life that runs smoothly

Who this workshop is for

The Make Life Easy Workshop is for you if you love being a Mum but wish it was a lot easier.
If you:

  • Have trouble keeping up with your housework
  • Stay up late & get up early and still don’t get everything done
  • Are late paying bills because you forget where you put them or when they are due
  • Can’t get your kids and / or partner to help out around the house
  • Currently have no time for you, and don’t see that happening for years
  • Find yourself looking at other mums and wonder why they have it so easy
  • Feel tired & cranky on a regular basis

..then this workshop is exactly what you're looking for.

Who this workshop is NOT for

The workshop is not for people who just need to chat or vent about the difficulties of motherhood. While there are certainly times you need to just let it all out, there are plenty of forums & communities online made specifically for this.

The Make Life Easy Workshop is designed to show you practical, step-by-step methods to overcome the difficulties of motherhood and you will be expected to complete the activities in each module if you want to see any results.

The next round of the Make Life Easy Workshop begins next Monday, September 17, 2012 - Sydney, Australia time.

Workshop Details 

It’s a 6 week course, with 1 module covered each week. Each module includes:
  • A video from me that you can watch on your computer, iPhone or iPad as many times as you need
  • A handout to summarise the video and keep forever
  • A couple of actions to complete that week - so you can get immediate positive results

You also get:
  • ‘Check in’ email time with me every week to review your actions and work on them together, for even more powerful outcomes
  • Surprise gifts and & bonuses at the end of the course
  • A 30 day, risk free, money back guarantee provided you complete the course actions - so you can have complete peace of mind that this decision will bring amazing changes to your household, family, and life

Most importantly - you’ll walk away with incredible motherhood skills that will transform your home life & give you more time for everything on your wish list.

Make sure you book your spot now before sign up closes this Saturday, September 15.

It’s really easy to sign up. Just click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button below - it will take you straight through to checkout, where you can pay immediately via PayPal (if you don’t have a PayPal account, you don’t need to sign up, just use your credit card details on the same page).

Once your payment processes, you’ll get a message from me confirming your place in the workshop, letting you know what to expect between now and the course start date (September 17, 2012), and how to access all of the materials when we begin.

Click here to sign up for the Make Life Easy Workshop

Why do the workshop now?

We’re coming into one of the busiest times of the year - there’s only around 3 months now until Christmas.

Imagine not having to deal with all the usual stress at Christmas time - trying to fit in extra social commitments, making sure your house is ready for visitors, finding the money to pay for gifts, food & travel, and everything else that comes with the most wonderful (and hectic!) time of the year.

Praise for the workshop!

This investment will give you more time, more fun, and way less stress in your life as a mum at such a busy time of year - and every other day too. 

You deserve to take care of yourself, for the benefit of YOU and your family!

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You'll LOVE it. 

See you in the workshop!


P.S. Got questions? That's what I'm here for. Check out these FAQ's and if there's anything else you need, feel free to email me at marissa@beautifullyorganised.com - I'd love to hear from you :)