5 easy ways to get organised TODAY

Today I wanted to do a quick post that will help you out FAST - something that doesn't take long to read, and is easy to try yourself at home.

So here are 5 easy (and extremely effective) ways to get you organised TODAY:

  1. Make every Sunday night your bill paying night: If it's a regular scheduled task, you won't forget to do it - and we could all do with a little less stress and a LOT less late fees in the bills department :) The easiest way to your bills is over the internet or phone, but if you like to pay in person at the post office, at least use this time to put this week's bills in your handbag, ready to go when you're out & about this week.
  2. Aim to 'fill a bag' each week: I got this tip from my gorgeous friend Ange a year ago and it's so effective. Each Saturday, I grab a bag and walk through the house with one aim - to fill that bag with things we don't need or want anymore. Some weeks I fill it with stuff that needs to be thrown away or recycled, other times I fill it with things that can be donated or sold. Either way, it dramatically reduces our clutter and makes tidying each week much easier.
  3. Add a 'put away' basket to every room of your house: You may have already watched me explain this in my Easy Way video, but it's such a good way to keep your house tidy easily that I would happily mention it in every blog post ;) Check it out in more detail here.
  4. Add a 'Go Zone' (or Family Command Centre) to your home: This is a spot where all of the things you take out of the house with you everyday live. Your Go Zone can be a cupboard, a table, a shelf, a box, basket, a drawer, or anything else that works for you. This is where to keep your keys, handbag, school bags, sunglasses, wallets, incoming papers.. and anything else you carry with you each day. You'll never have to do the last minute run around the house looking for these things again.
  5. Use a Timer: Setting a timer works well when you need to be as productive as possible in a limited amount of time - it's like racing against yourself! it's also a great way to get motivated to do a job you hate - set it for 15 mins and give yourself a break when it goes off :) I love the ones from Time Timer (they also come as an app for your iPhone & iPad) because they are such a good visual aid - and make me feel like I'm on Masterchef, which just makes my day a bit more fun ;)
Bonus Tip! An Effective (and easy) To Do List: I couldn't write a post like this without including the most effective tool I have ever used to get organised! Whether you love or hate a To Do List, having your tasks & goals written down gives you a chance to free your mind of clutter and really pinpoint what needs to be done, and by when. It reduces overwhelm and cuts down on the need to multitask (I hate multitasking - nothing is ever done properly because you don't get to really focus on anything! It's like when I try to run 10 open windows on my computer - it all just slows down or freezes..).

To Do lists are amazing organising tools when you know exactly how to write & use one effectively. This means pin pointing your top priorities for the day and clearing them out before anything else so you can go to bed feeling productive & peaceful about today.. instead of frantic & worried about tomorrow!

If you're not sure how to get the most out of your To Do List, join me in the Make Life Easy Workshop this November - It has it's own module, so we cover it in great detail. Past participants have said it's worth the value of the workshop in itself because of the time, stress & money they have saved through using it (I was so happy & proud to hear that!)

Now over to you! Do you do any of these already? Which works best for you? 

What other tips do you have to get organised?



  • Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net 
  • This post isn't sponsored. Everything I've mentioned here is my honest opinion - these are tips I use myself and get great results from (you may have seen me mention them before) so I thought why not share them :)