Free printables for easier nap times

Do you have kids that nap during the day?

My friend Rachel from Raid My Wardrobe has a fantastic tool to make life easier at naptime - it’s quick & easy and so effective so I just had to share it with you all :)

When I went to see Rachel a couple of months ago I saw a sign on her front door - a piece of A4 paper that asked visitors not to knock or ring the doorbell as it was the baby’s naptime. It also asked that any deliveries be left on the doorstep.

How genius is that idea! I have two girls myself so I know the magic of naptime:

  • Babies get a rest so they aren’t overtired and hard to settle later
  • Kids get a rest so they aren’t tired and cranky in the afternoon
  • Mum and Dad get a chance to rest or catch up on their To Do’s

I certainly know the heartbreak of having naptime interrupted! In our house, if naptime is disturbed, we are out of whack for the rest of the day - everyone’s tired, irritable & snappy at each other and we are counting down the minutes till bedtime!

Of course, everyone’s family is different and most of your visitors won’t know when it’s naptime at your house - so a sign like this on your front door is a great way to avoid a bad naptime situation..

Here’s a free printable I whipped up for you based on Rachel’s idea:

Click here to grab your free copy

You can even add more detail for friends and family who want to come and help you out - this is great if you need a bit of a rest and would really appreciate some help around the house but don’t feel confident asking. It also works really well as your loved ones don’t worry about offending you by asking if you want a hand, they already know exactly what you need a hand with :)

Click here to grab your free copy

Here are two ideas from Rachel on how using a sign like this will make life easier for mums:

For new mums: It would be wonderful if all new mums did this and had the support they needed to rest and recover after the birth while they just focused on the baby and nothing else

For work at home mums: Work at home mums often get work done when the baby is asleep, so a sign like this really helps you stay productive and get the most out of the time you have

So if you think one of these signs will help you at your house, feel free to print it out and use it! Just click on the link below each picture to download it for free.

And if you have a friend or family member who would benefit from an idea like this, share this post with them! Email, Facebook, or Click here to tweet it :)


About Rachel and Raid My Wardrobe:

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