5 Kitchen Gadgets that make life easier

I'm all for saving time and effort in the kitchen!

I'm pretty lucky - Ben likes to cook as much as I do so we share cooking duties:
  • Marissa: Either sets up the slow cooker after lunch, sets the Thermomix and lets it cook for us, or preps marinades, veggies and salads early ready for cooking later in the afternoon
  • Ben: Cooks when he gets home from work (if we haven't used the slow cooker or Thermomix) and takes care of the dishes
We just kind of fell into this pattern and it works well for us at the moment.

I also have a few 'go to gadgets' in my kitchen that make cooking a LOT easier:

Little Chick Poach Cup from Howards Storage World: Poaches my egg in the microwave in less than 1 minute

Tupperware Turbo Chef: When I bought mine it was called the Happy Chopper and you twist the lid to chop your onion - looks like it's had a makeover, now you pull the cord and it chops your onion. Either way, if mine ever breaks, I'll get another one the very next day - couldn't chop onions without it
BEVARA sealing clips from IKEA: I use these to seal any open bag in my kitchen - crackers, grated cheese, spices - anything. So cheap and so handy and mine have lasted for years without breaking

Boxed Grater from David Jones: Mine's actually a different brand and we got it from Myer, but I can't find one on their website so I searched at David Jones instead. Basically it's a grater that has a cup or box attached to the bottom to catch all the grated bits when you do your carrots, cheese, etc. It's not a necessity, but when you're low on counter or chopping board space while you're cooking, it really comes in handy

Betty Bossi Veggie Twister from Robyn's Kitchen: This one's a pretty new find for me - it basically turns your veggies into spaghetti so you can sneak some zuchinni or carrot into your family's pasta and make it more healthy ;) If you're not into the sneaky side of cooking, it's still a great way to add a bit of fun to snacks - we do carrot 'hair' on our fruit face snacks and it's pretty popular that way too!

Those are my favourites! What do you have in your kitchen that makes cooking easier?


  • This post has not been paid for or requested by any brand. I purchased all of the items mentioned with my own money except for the egg poacher, which I received as a gift last year at the Eggs Easy As cooking day for bloggers
  • Image courtesy of Sicha Pongjivanich / FreeDigitalPhotos.net